Saturday, 13 June 2015

According to Rachel Dolezal, this is the Jackson Five in their prime...

...this bloke is a woman:

...this greedy spiv is a highly-respected international statesman:
...and this is a photo of the young Maya Angelou:

And apparently I am a 5' 2" Chinese hermpahrodite named Sco Glo-Mah.


  1. Life as a 5' 2" Chinese hermaphrodite might hold its attractions. But given that you are a Norwegian who did not grace these shores until you were 6 years old, a better bet might be to carry out a few armed robberies, claim that you are a newly arrived community with different cultural values and hope you get Pauffley LJ as your judge.

    1. Actually, I used that excuse after an abbey-burning and nun-molesting rampage about ten years ago, and I got off with 200 hours community service and some anger-management counselling.