Monday, 31 March 2014

“You could hear a rat piss on cotton” – the wit and wisdom of black libertarian economist Walter E. Williams

I only made reference to Walter Williams's skin colour in the headline because I've always assumed it must take genuine courage for blacks - academics, writers, academics, workers, businessmen, whatever - to refuse to toe the line laid down by the plantation bosses of the Democratic Party. I like to imagine that if I were a black American I'd take a look around at the destruction wrought on my people by compassion-mongering left-wing whites and find myself hankering for an extended period of willful neglect - after all, given the crime, employment, income, education and single-parenthood stats, things could hardly get any worse. But, as I'm not particularly brave, I'd probably be swallowing the standard victimhood mantra and getting ready to vote for Hillary Clinton next time round. 

For an idea of the sort of nonsense conservative blacks have to put up with, watch the following video:

Mind you, if I'd seen the light and had summoned the necessary fortitude, I'd probably choose to bypass the Republican Party altogether (for electoral reasons, it's almost as eager to "help" blacks as the Democrats are), go the whole hog and vote for any libertarian who happened to be standing for office - big or small "l", Tea Party or otherwise: after all, when you've realised that - as far as your race is concerned - government really is the problem, you might as well vote for the candidate who believes in as little of the damned stuff as possible. 

Although I'm not one, I follow a number of libertarians on Twitter, and several of those happen to be black - they're smart, clear-headed, feisty and don't take any crap. As Walter E. Williams so ably demonstrates, it's hard to imagine anything less Uncle Tom-ish, dependent or delusional than a black libertarian.

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