Monday, 31 March 2014

Can you spot the minor flaw in this Labour promise on jobs?

Yes, indeed - it's the word "give". These people are so chronically incapable of extracting lessons from the past (or, indeed, the present) that hell could freeze over and they would still be utterly incapabale of understanding the simple fact that it is not government's role to give people jobs

When it comes to jobs, the government can help in three ways:

- create and maintain an education system that helps young people develop the skills and attitudes which will render them attractive to employers 

- oversee the economy in a manner which helps businesses invest, flourish and compete at home and abroad so that they'll be in a position to employ lots of young (British) people 

- protect employees from ruthless exploitation and employers from grotesquely high taxes and scads of ridiculous, profit-killing British and EU red tape

You just know that when a political party talks of "giving" or "creating" jobs, it means creating spurious, tax-draining, make-work public sector pseudo-employment (which can only be paid for by adding to the nation's existing trillion pound debt burden) or bribing companies to take on employees, which is economically and morally wrong on every single imaginable level. 

Just get out of our way, you delusional, self-important, interfering, useless fools.

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