Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Great photographs courtesy of Powerful Pictures and Classic Pictures on Twitter

I saw the above picture a few weeks ago, failed to download it, and, having thought about it every day since, spent an hour online yesterday tracking it down to the Powerful Pictures twitter feed. All of the following photographs are from that feed or Classic Pictures (if you're on Twitter, just put those titles into the search box). Here are some more of my recently-tweeted favourites (and, yes, I know I'm being dreadfully sentimental):

A young boy salutes his father's grave
Fireman resuscitates cat rescued from burning building

Police dog bids its partner farewell
Indian Ocean sand-storm 

She held its head above the tide for three hours


  1. Great photographs. Especially the wee girl in the swimming pool..Very good blog..

    1. Thanks, SDG - glad you enjoyed it. The picture of the little girl makes one feel relieved that socialist eugenicists like George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells never gained any real power in Western democracies.