Wednesday, 22 January 2014

David Cameron would do better sucking up to Tory deserters than blacks who will never vote for him

Last week, David Cameron indicated via a spokesman that he wanted to see a BME (black or minority ethic) head of the Metropolitan Police, and that, furthermore, he “wants to see greater BME representation across a range of professions and services... including the most senior levels.” Apparently there are fewer BME (actually, soddit, I’m just going to use “black”)… there are fewer black officers than there were three years ago: they represent 5% of the force compared to 14% of the population. Cameron’s spokesman refused to be drawn on whether his master was considering sanctioning positive discrimination to iron out this shameful anomaly.

Naturally, Labour is promising affirmative action to ensure more black officers, and Sir Peter Fahy, the twit in charge of Manchester’s cops, has called for a change in law so that a white officer can only be recruited if a black officer is appointed at the same time (obviously a much better strategy than simply choosing the best candidte). You expect Labour politicians to promote malign, pointless egalitarianism and it seems that you only get to become a top cop these days by espousing causes beloved by lefty student activists. But you might expect a Tory Prime Minister who, despite an improving economy and facing an inept jerk of an opposition leader, is on course to lose the next election not to keep on spouting this sort of Guardianista nonsense. So why does he keep  doing it?

Is it remotely possible he actually believes that a black head of the Met would make a blind bit of difference to crime in London? Of course not. Is it part of his ongoing determination to rid the Tories of their “nasty party” image, thereby convincing left-liberals to vote Tory? I thought political strategist Lynton Crosby had cured him of this sort of modernising bunkum. Does he imagine that this sort of patronising guff will convince ethnic voters to desert Labour? Forget it, Dave – in 2010, 78% of African-Caribbeans and 87% of Africans voted Labour slap-bang in the  middle of an economic poo-storm created by Labour: nothing whatsoever will convince blacks to switch allegiance from their left-liberal sugar daddies.

What Dave doesn’t seem to be able to grasp is that the voters he needs to be really jolly nice to between now and the election are – well, they’re people like me, actually. As Iain Martin pointed out today on the Telegraph wesbite (here), what’s hurting the Tories is that disaffected LibDems are flocking to Labour (a trend that will no doubt accelerate in the wake of the thoroughly enjoyable Lord Rennard disaster) and that, even if UKIP’s share of the popular vote halves to 6% at the next election, that’s still enough to ensure a Lib-Lab government. So, when Dave should be devoting his energies to convincing people like me to hold our noses and vote for his party, why does he keep pursuing policies and making pronouncements seemingly designed to increase our contempt for him? When it comes to the head of the Met’s skin colour, I don’t give a flying one: as with the vast majority of natural Conservatives who’ve deserted the Tories since Cameron took over, I want London’s top cop to be appointed on the basis that he or she is the best person to protect my family and property from criminals. Is there actually any proof that appointing black police chiefs for any other reason than their competence has cut urban crime rates in America? Has appointing a president on the basis of his skin colour rather his competence reduced racial tensions across the pond? (The answer, in case there’s any doubt, is no.)

Like any rational human being living in the United Kingdom who isn’t blinded by racial or class prejudice, doesn’t work for the state and isn’t blinded by left-liberal beliefs, I find the prospect of Ed Miliband as Prime Minister utterly horrifying – just imagine this bizarre wally representing Britain abroad! It would be akin to suffering the humiliation and embarrassment of the last Ashes series continuously for five miserable years. But unless David Cameron stops talking left-wing drivel and starts addressing the concerns of Tory deserters, that’s what’s going to happen.

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