Saturday, 10 August 2013

The picture of Muslims celebrating Eid the BBC won't be linking to

In case you're wondering what these fine young Egyptian chaps are doing to celebrate Eid in Cairo - they're lining up to grope the young girl sitting on the ground in the middle of the picture. Well, they don't drink, so I suppose they have to find other outlets for their youthful high spirits. What larks, eh! According to the Evening Standard who published the photograph (here),  "A UN survey suggested 99.3 per cent of Egyptian women have experienced harassment with 60 per cent saying they had been touched inappropriately."

BBC News just tweeted a heart-warming link to readers' photos of Muslims celebrating Eid around the world. Oddly, they didn't tweet a link to this photo - or feature it on their website. My heart always goes out to liberals  faced with the conundrum of which of two competing victim groups to favour - in this case, Muslims seem to have trumped women.

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