Sunday, 11 August 2013

Those crazy cats The Fulminators are back with the rockabilly classic, "Long Black Shiny Car"

Here's a version of one of all-time favourite rockabilly records, Mike Page's "Long Black Shiny Car", released on a Kentucky label in 1960. I first heard the tune in 1984 when British rockabilly outfit, Colbert Hamilton and the Hell Razors (see what they did there?) released a terrific version of the number in the UK. Hamilton, by the way, is that rarity - a black rockabilly singer, and a damned fine one. The Mike Page original was a little too subtle and quirky for me to emulate, so I've based mine on the Hamilton cover, albeit with a very different guitar break. 

I hear rumours that Gram Bastardo might be getting out of rehab any day now. I've got several tracks standing by that are simply crying out for his harmony singing and lead-guitar expertise - i.e. I need him to "sprinkle some ***ing fairy dust over the bastards". Stand by for further information.  


  1. Cecil Ingram Bastardo13 August 2013 at 00:27

    I'm pretty damn sure I once totalled one o' them long black shiny sweet bad boys round an ol' chestnut tree on my way back from Ma Grady's Dime-a-Dance Liquor Bar n' Grill about 20 years back. Happy times. I must check out if it's still there next time I'm in New Malden.

    Mighty fine playing, Fulminator boys.

    1. I hear tell Ma Grady just opened a branch in High Wycombe despite strenuous objection from residents. Just look for the semis and Harleys parked outside.

      And thanks for your kind words - I'll pass them onto the band when they wake up. Which'll probably be next Sunday or thereabouts.

  2. Replies
    1. Me and the boys will take that as a compliment, e.f.!

      Delighted to hear you don't mind us foreigners monkeying with the music invented in your neck of the woods. I'm just about to post a version of the great 1959 instrumental, "Stampede" which I hope will meet with your approval.

    2. Nobody outside of Dixie plays it better than Brits have.