Saturday, 10 August 2013

"True, we did not get everything right on immigration when we were in office." Labour are truly priceless!

Whenever a Labour front bench spokesman appears on television or the radio, I have to stick my fingers in my ears and hum loudly, because I know that if I actually hear the bilge spewing from their mouths, I'll start screaming abuse at the blighters. If I see them quoted in print, I have to let my eyes slide over their words, or my hands will clench in fury, leaving the newspaper looking as if it's been savaged by a dog. But today I made the mistake of actually reading some quotes from the Shadow Immigration minister, Chris Bryant. They were so farcical, I sought out a fuller statement online, and found an article by him, penned for the Telegraph, and published last week (here). I reproduce a section of it below, with my own comments interspersed in italics:

"Under Ed Miliband's leadership, Labour has recognised we made mistakes in the past and lost touch with many members of public. Immigration – and particularly low skilled immigration – was too high, and it is right to bring it down. We should have done more to ensure integration of people already here. And our borders must be properly managed.

When right-wingers told your party this between 1997 and 2010, you called us racists. When a Labour supporter raised her concerns during the 2010 election, your leader called her a bigot. Are you, Chris Bryant, a racist and a bigot? 

While we should be doing more to support intelligence-led operations to remove illegal immigrants, it is unacceptable for people to be stopped simply on the basis of their ethnicity.

Why is this wrong? In the middle of a crime wave, doesn’t it make sense for the authorities to concentrate their efforts on the sort of people most likely to be committing that particular crime? I just don’t get the logic here – do you want to do something about illegal immigration or don’t you? This sort of nonsense plays well with the BBC and the Guardian, but most voters - including many legal immigrant - couldn't care less about ethnic sensibilities.

We would ban employment agencies recruiting only from abroad. And, instead of always going for the easy option of hiring staff in their mid twenties and thirties from lower wage economies elsewhere in the EU, every major British company should be encouraged to train local young people who do not have jobs.

There are plenty of low-skill jobs for young Britons to do, but 13 years of Labour misrule created a large pool of uneducated, ineducable youngsters without the self-discipline or the desire to earn a living. You can offer them as much training as you like - won't make a blind bit of difference. Stop asking businesses to clear up the horrible mess you left behind.

And it emerged that a major government contractor was flying in hundreds of workers to fix roads. That is wrong when so many people already here are out of work. If there is a shortfall of skills in any area, there should be an early warning system in place so that Job Centres can address it.

Have you and your fellow-lefties not yet learned that public-sector agencies don’t solve problems – they create them?

Migrants need to play their part in our society so we have announced tough new rules requiring public sector workers in public facing roles like carers to be able to speak English.

Yeah, we spent 13 years telling you that multiculturalism was a bad thing. We were told we were racists and bigots. Remember? It wasn’t all that long ago – three years, in fact. And I’m pretty sure we constantly voiced our preference for doctors and nurses who were able to communicate with us in our own language. We were told to stop being racist.

And we would introduce a register of landlords to deter those who care little about what happens to a neighbourhood when migrants are crowded into slum accommodation.

You let them in, mate – where the hell were they all supposed to live? Again, stop blaming the private sector for your refusal to listen to sensible advice.

Indeed, what evidence there is suggests that more than half of any fall in net migration since the election has been because more British citizens are leaving the country and fewer returning. That is not something of which any government should be proud.

Britons are fleeing partly because of the economic disaster you created and partly because they’re tired of living in country whose traditional culture is being destroyed by the greatest inflow of immigrants in history. Remind me - which government sent out special teams to foreign countries to entice foreign workers here? Oh yes - the one you served in.

True, we did not get everything right on immigration when we were in office. But one thing we learnt is that grand speeches, proud boasts and silly gimmicks won't solve anything.

Not quite accurate – you didn’t get anything right. As far as I’m concerned, what Labour did to this country during 13 years in power was criminal, and many of the politicians who colluded in this crime should be behind bars. You don’t make grand speeches any more, because your front bench team are useless at public speaking, and it’s a bit hard to make proud boasts given your execrable performance in office – but do you seriously want to renounce silly gimmicks? All you’ve got left, aren't they?

Now that the Tory Party – under instruction, no doubt, from Lynton Crosby – is tacking vigorously to the right on certain key issues (at least, for public consumption), and given that the unions have saddled you with a truly pitiful leader, your main hope of winning the next election probably rests on Britons' grudging fondness for those who display chutzpah on an almost heroic, Jeffrey-Archerish scale. Whenever your party talks about the economy or the NHS or immigration – the subjects that will largely decide the next election – there’s something your refusal to show any sense of shame or remorse for your collective sins is almost breath-taking.

But that type of blitheness doesn’t really wash with me. When I see someone like you blaming this government for the effects of mass immigration and multiculturalism, or Andy Burnham blaming this government for a Health Service that tortures and murders thousands of Britons every year, or Ed Balls blaming this government for the appalling state of the economy – it makes me sick to my stomach.

You are all guilty, in a very real sense.

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