Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The ugliest creature on the planet - and you never even knew it existed!

I was going to stick a photograph of this truly revolting-looking critter right at the top of the page - but then I realised some of you might be tucking into your lunch, or preparing for bed...  so I thought I'd be kind and stick it "below the crease". If you're not in any danger of throwing up and don't suffer from nightmares, click "read more" and prepare to go "Yeccchh!"

The Naked Mole Rat is apparently resistant to cancer and lives to 28 (which is a ripe old age for a small mammal), so it has some definite plus points to make up for having been remorselessly belaboured with the ugly stick. There are some strange creatures on this rest of this page, but none remotely as digusting as Moley:

There are lots more "Animals that you didn't know existed" here.

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