Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The left-wing, cultural-Marxist transgender juggernaut is thundering towards us... a classic liberal-left campaign

If the following recently-posted video makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you're probably a left-liberal. If it makes you wonder why the parents aren't in court, you're probably a conservative:

This appeared in the Evening Standard yesterday (and I don't think it's a parody):
School toilets ‘should be mixed-sex so transgender pupils feel comfortable’
History teacher Julia Neal, chair of the [ATL teaching] union’s equality and diversity committee, put forward the motion challenging “gender identity prejudice” in education.
She told the Evening Standard that teachers need training on how to provide “non-gender-specific facilities”. She said: “It’s about senior management teams and governing bodies understanding that there are a lot of facilities in schools that are separated — changing rooms and toilets and uniforms are very gender-specific...
...“If there is gender fluidity they need to understand the importance of gender-neutral facilities. And they need to understand how pupils want to be referred to, as he or she.
Ms Neal suggested schools could consider introducing unsegregated toilets and changing rooms, or adding a third option of “gender neutral” to the existing male and female facilities. 
But she admitted: “If you ban female or male toilets you might make other people feel uncomfortable.”
Wow - that is so big of her! Besides, would any schoolgirl  object to having to undress while a male classmate watched? Seriously? And, really - would her parents be selfish and old-fashioned enough to actually object? As white teenage and pre-teenage British girls in Rotherham and other centres of vibrant multiculturalism have discovered in recent years, they don't actually currently feature on the left's list of pet victim groups, while transexuals (or would-be or perhaps-would-be-but-don't-really-know or pretend-transexuals - i.e. blokes who claim to be transgender but still cling, as it were, to the old meat and two veg) have shot to the top of the charts - well, to No. 2, at least, because Muslims look set to occupy the No. 1 spot for the foreseeable future (or until the caliphate has been established in Britain and every Guardian-reading collaborator has been summarily decapitated).

Do read the rest of the Standard article, because it's an absolute dilly. It includes Ms Neal's calls for teachers to be given training on how to "support young people who have gender identity questions", and on "celebrating" trans role models (a fairly short list, one would have thought), on using "inclusive language", and on how to provide "non-gender-specific" facilities.

Given that there are only estimated to be 2,500 or so transgender people of all ages in the whole of the UK, you wouldn't peg this as an issue that crops up a lot in schools. Despite her right-on role, Ms Neal has only encountered "one or two" pupils who wanted to change gender (this sounds oddly unspecific - it shouldn't be too hard to remember whether there were one or two of them). But no matter: “My own view is that it doesn’t matter if it’s just one student who isn’t served by the lack of [teachers’] understanding. That is one student’s life that is very difficult.”

Please stop, Julia - I might start crying.

In case you think there hasn't been enough sympathetic coverage of the liberal-left's latest crush, never fear - Hollywood, as ever, stands ready to oblige. This is from Variety, March 21st:
Joel Silver Transgender Drama ‘New People’ Is in the Works at Freeform 
Freeform is developing “New People,” a drama series from writer Don Roos, who is executive producing with Joel Silver and Rodney Ferrell...The series is based on the novel “Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family,” which tells the story of a transgender girl, her identical twin brother and their family.
The book was a New York Times best seller. It was named one of the 10 best books of the year by People and Men’s Journal magazines.
How utterly lovely.

There literally isn't anyone in the whole world I could possibly care any less about than a woman who thinks she should have been born in possession of a penis, or a man who thinks he shouldn't. There are so many genuine victims of discrimination and violence and ignorance throughout the world that the liberal-left's obsession with this utterly trivial non-issue strikes me as positively immoral and perverted. The only reason they're trumpeting it so vigorously is not that they care about the people themselves - the Left does not care about individuals - it's purely in order to embarrass all those conservatives and right-wingers whom the very thought of transgenderism renders queasy. It's a political manoeuvre, designed to allow leftists to demand of conservatives, "Do you support transgender people?" If your answer is "No", then you're a heartless fascist. If you answer "Yes", they've triumphed by forcing you to deny your beliefs, values and instincts. You're not allowed to answer "In some cases", because the Left deals in classes of victim, not individual victims. If you answer, "Yes, well, I don't want them to be punished, of course, and I feel a bit sorry for some of them, I suppose, and as long as they have an operation and then keep quiet about it, I won't object," you will learn that turning a blind eye is not an option - not only do you have to grudgingly accept transgender people, you have to enthusiastically support their "cause" and clasp them to your bosom, all the while begging forgiveness for the centuries of prejudice and cruelty they and their kind have been forced to endure, because - even though you weren't alive then and probably wouldn't approve of whatever indignities were visited upon them - it's still your fault, right?

Finally, you have to capitulate entirely and admit - publicly - that people who choose to change sex, and even those who are just vaguely thinking of doing so, are morally superior to you - and that your world should be altered in whatever ways are necessary, no matter how inconvenient or expensive, to make all transgender folk feel valued, accepted, and universally loved.

I'll end with one of the comments posted under the video of the "adorable" video I started with: "When she grows up & has kids of her own she'll have to take them to visit Grandma & Tranpa." No, don't laugh - members of the transgender community might think you're laughing at them.


  1. actually, and rarely, I am lost for words.
    And, to sound like my grandfather, who would now be 121, what is the world coming to...?

    1. It's simple, Riley - white Westerners born before 1960 (yes, that means us as well), and most of those born after that date, were, or are, frightened, uncool, unenlightened, judgmental, anally-retentive prisoners of an uncompassionate, small-minded, primitive world-view. The people who constantly remind us of this are morally superior to us. I hope that helps.

  2. Does the Guardian newspaper have a sense of humour? Of course it does, and never more evident than in Mark Kermode's review of the film Hail, Caesar!, which he describes as "superbly silly" with its suggestion that there was an organised group of left-wing screenwriters deliberately planting propaganda in 1950s Hollywood movies and its other suggestion that there could be a god-fearing family man who just slapped sense into any actors who had fallen for the propaganda. Silly beyond belief.

    1. Reading recent reviews of the hagiographic "Trumbo", the film biography of the talented but thoroughly nasty, hate-filled, communist Hollywood scriptwriter, Dalton Trumbo was a sobering experience. Even conservative political commentators and film critics apparently accept as gospel the ridiculous lie that Hollywood communists - who took their orders from Moscow and peppered their films with pro-Soviet and anti-American propaganda whenever they could get away with it- were in reality freedom-loving democrats. One of them even described Ronald Reagan - a self-described "haemophiliac liberal" at the time - as a "grass" for (successfully) fighting to prevent the Screen Actors Guild being taken over by Stalinists. I was, however, somewhat heartened when, following an ignorant diatribe by Danny Leigh on the BBC's Film 2016 about how badly Hollywood had treated the traitors in its midst, the Telegraph critic Robbie Colin asked him if he was seriously suggesting that Hollywood hadn't been infiltrated by communists trying to use their films for pro-Stalinist propaganda - but then Colin went to St. Andrews, one of our few conservative universities. (I tried to see what Colin had to say about the film in the Telegraph, but, having visited their website for the first time since its recent redesign, I can't for the life of me figure out how I'm supposed to search the damn thing! Maybe I'm being thick, or there's a temporary glitch, or the search box is only visible to Mac users who've upgraded to the latest version of their OS - but FFS! You wouldn't happen to know someone who might be able to help, would you?)

  3. You fail to mention the category of "born-again" transgendered people. Old John Wayne Bobbitt was grabbing a few Zs back in 1989 when his wife Lorena entered the marital bed-room in Manassas, Va. and performed a penectomy on his slumbeing form with a serrated kitchen knife. Many hours later the police found the discarded member in a turnip field and it was surgically re-attached to Bobbitt. He went on to become a successful porn star and Waylon Jennings sang a song about his wife. So the process is not irreversible.

    Also, some people are not so lucky. In the film "The Sun Also Rises" [1957] Tyrone Power has had his DSO in WW1 and has to act opposite the ravishing Ava Gardner throughout the film. When the pair attended a preview at a military base a huge Marine stood up and bellowed " Hey, this guy has no dick!" which brought the house down and Tyrone Power stormed off in a great huff.

    The whole subject is very sensitive and thank you for treating it with respect.

    1. The thing I really don't understand (as I allude to in my post) is why the LGBT-on-rye-with-extra-mayo community seem willing to accept men who've decided to retain their membrum virile (or should that be membra virile?) - anyway, cocks - as transgender, when I would have thought they were merely transvestites, i.e. chaps in frocks. I can't bring myself to look for the answer online, for fear of the images I might inadvertently stumble upon (i.e. photographs of Eddie Izzard and Grayson Perry in full slap).

      Roger Tichbourne, the son of a wealthy Hampshire family, disappeared while sailing to the West Indies in 1854. In 1866, his mother received a letter from someone claiming to be Roger, from Wagga Wagga in Australia, later dubbed by the press as The Tichbourne Claimant. He travelled to England to claim the inheritance (his younger brother having drunk himself to death) but ended up being tried for perjury, and was sentenced to 14 years hard labour. The only reason the Aussie butcher's claim had been initially believed was that he suffered from the same "genital malformation" as the lost Tichbourne heir - in both cases, their penises, in the normal course of events, were invisible, only popping out when erect.

  4. This from the Daily Caller:

    "The New York Times editorial board wrote an opinion piece Tuesday morning urging Defense Secretary Ash Carter to quit stalling and remove the military’s transgender ban while the Obama administration is still in play."

    What, does the NYT want to see more transgender people killed? Shameful!

    1. "Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina concert over transgender lavatory law", it says in the Telegraph.


    2. Well, I mean, the law is absolutely monstrous as it "...requires people to use public toilets that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificates." FASCISTS!

      In a statement, The Boss explained his reason for punishing his fans in North Carolina: "It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards." This may be a reference to the singer's sexual preferences, but I can't swear to it.