Thursday, 11 January 2018

Sadiq Khan adopts the sensible "stop and search" policy abandoned by our drippingly wet PM

In 2015, it was:
Today it's:

Yes, little Sadiq had promised to do all in his power to stamp out the Police's appallingly racist strategy of stopping and searching members of those ethnic groups most likely to be carrying knives  with the intent to harm someone - almost invariably members of their own ethnic group. But it has evidently dawned on our wildly virtue-signalling pipsqueak of a mayor that all the meaningless anti-Brexit, pro-immigrant and pro-Green "reports", announcements, policies, strategies and initiatives (I follow him on Twitter, and you wouldn't believe the sheer amount of feelgood leftie crud his account spews out every day) won't offset the simple fact that London is suffering a rather horrible crime wave - and, what with Corbyn's bed-blocking activities, the Labour leadership may not be up for grabs before 2021, and Khan might actually need to seek re-election as Mayor in 2020. So, with admirable political boldness, the wee chap has reversed his previous policy (it's getting to be a habit with him) and has given the hated, institutionally-racist Blue Meanies the green light to use racial profiling to catch young blacks carrying knives. 

Mind you, as Khan is absolutely certain of being re-elected, why is he changing tack? Have focus groups revealed that most adult ethnic Londoners are as sickened by the ongoing slaughter as the rest of us? (As it's almost invariably young blacks who end up being stabbed, I can't for the life of me understand why all law-abiding black Londoners wouldn't - with some natural reservations - welcome Khan's policy reversal.) Or is Khan trying to appeal to white Labour voters outside London? But, then, why has he gone full anti-Brexit, which plays less well in Labour's traditional heartlands than it does here in the Remainiacs' chief stronghold? (I suppose I could read the Standard to find out, but i wouldn't read the traitor Osborne's rag if it was giving away the Elixir of Life with every copy.) 

I stopped taking much interest in this sort of thing a while back, mainly because the cowardly reluctance of politicians and the media when it comes to an honest discussion of the connection between violent street crime and race in London in effect means that a massive cover-up has been in place for at least 20 years - probably longer. The relevant figures aren't readily available (I presume this is deliberate), and the ethnic origins of attackers and victims usually only emerge when photographs eventually appear and/or if their names are published and they offer some clue as to the race of the attacker or victim. It's very hard to see how this bizarre form of omerta could possibly be helping anyone, apart from the army of race hucksters peddling their tired old anti-white racist shtick. It's positively unhelpful to the young blacks who end up serving time for murder - or, more importantly, to the young blacks who end up dead or maimed. (And, more selfishly, it's of no help to older people who either live in London, or whose children do.)

As with so many of our current problems, this deliberate truth-hiding is essentially the result of nice white, middle-class liberals desperately signalling just how fantastically and completely unracist, inclusive and colour-blind they are - you know, people like Theresa May and Amber Rudd. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of young black Londoners don't want to stab anyone and don't want to be stabbed. I'm also pretty sure that the vast majority of them would feel annoyed and picked-on if they kept being stopped and searched by the police, despite not being up to anything. But if the authorities and the media - mainly composed of nice, white, middle-class liberals - aren't willing to explain that (a) the culture that breeds this sort of savage criminality is utterly vile, (b) stop and search is the only way of catching the criminals, and (c) the policy will lead to fewer deaths and fewer young blacks hooked up to life-support machines - then, by all means, let the stab-fest continue!


  1. As the Grenfell tragedy unfolded in the summer two moth-eaten wee commie nyaffs filled my screen and delivered their "hearts are with/ thoughts go out/ emergency services have been astounding" mantra.

    It was Sadiq and Jeremy, as we are all on Christian name terms these days [sorry, Sadiq]. Then they turned their backs to the cameras, clasped each other around the waist and walked off down the street looking very pleased with themselves. It was identical to the end scene in "Modern Times" [1936] where Chaplin and Paulette Goddard did the same thing.

    The latter scene had great charm, the former was quite sickening [especially given the context]. "We are the Masters now!" The little Mouthy Muslim and the Momentum Marionette [yes, Boris. We can all do alliteration.]

    1. Mind you, they must have been hugging themselves at the thought of how many votes the "martyred dead" of the Grenfell Tower fire would bring them - or at the possibility that the tragedy might (for reasons that still escape me) lead to the downfall of the hated Tory junta. Not since Princess Diana's demise has this nation lost its senses quite so comprehensively. The only (admittedly minor) consolation is that Jezza and Sadiq undoubtedly hate each other's guts.