Monday, 17 April 2017

The reason why I don't read the Guardian, encapsulated in one headline

In case you're wondering who this race-obsessed fool is, Steven W. Thrasher...

..."is writer-at-large for Guardian US. He was named Journalist of the Year 2012 by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, the Advocate and more." Funnily enough, I don't read any of those publications/websites either. Because they're full of articles by people like Stephen W. Thrasher (who should really think of changing his surname to Crasher).

While Crasher's headline would be enough to turn me off his paper for life all by itself, there are plenty of others which (had I not given up reading it long ago) would have achieved the same result:

No, Ruby, "society" - whatever the hell that's supposed to be in this context - doesn't need to do a damned thing to convince people to "enjoy eating". It really doesn't. 

I suspect the word "white" may be redundant here.

Then again, the Mayor of London - a city larger in terms of population that the next 12 on the list combined - is (unless my eyes deceive me) not a white man. So, in the horrible, divisive, all-against-all universe the Guardian inhabits, whites are currently hideously under-represented. The government must act!

And there was I thinking ignorance, fecklessness, poor lifestye choices, bad luck, ageing and natural causes might have something to do with it!

Until they abandon Guardian writers to poverty, Frances, they won't have gone far enough for my liking.

Sorry, Aditya - we saw pictures of the suspects allegedly involved in this particular attack, so your brand of divisive bullshit really isn't going to work this time round. Better luck spinning the next "incident"!

Since when did the Guardian care about Tory-voting Britons retiring to the Costa del Sol? Or is it Labour-voting oldsters heading for Tuscany you're talking about? Anyway, if retiring to some agreeable, sun-drenched Mediterranean villa is becoming "unimaginable", I suspect the fact that Labour spent all our money last time they were in power has rather more to do with it than Brexit.

Yes, because this is so obviously a class issue, isn't it, you horrible woman.

No, Zoe - that would be yet another really good reason for giving up on unions.

What Brexit so gloriously, marvellously, inspiringly taught us, old boy, was that even the combined influence of all three major political parties, the banks, the civil service, the broadcasters, academia, the entertainment industry, Big Business, the whole of the EU and the President of the United States - with all the bullying and lying that lot's infinitely deep pockets could pay for - couldn't persuade the British people to vote against their instincts. Bliss was it in that dawn, etc.

Yes, Helen, Corbyn had such a tremendous week that his party ended it 21% behind the Tories in the opinion polls!

Or, instead of wasting a lot of energy fighting homophobia where there really isn't any - like, say, in Britain, America, Australia, Canada, and most of Europe - why not concentrate your efforts on Islamic and African countries, where it's rife? Off you go, son, and the best of luck!

Sorry, Becky - I literally don't have a clue what you're on about. I've never heard of the programme, and I seriously doubt that it will "transform" the way I or anyone I know will "interact with entertainment" in future.

The Guardian expects to make losses of £90m this year.

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