Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to Get Offended - excellent advice from J.P. Sears (h/t: Heat Street)

Here, in another handy video in the Ultra Spiritual Life series of YouTube videos, is advice for those who aren't actually gluten intolerant on how to become gluten intolerant:

I've been on a variety of exclusion diets over the past two years, including a lengthy (almost) gluten-free, low-carb, low-dairy, high-fat, high-protein one, and I'm currently (out of necessity) on a no-fruit, low-fat one, but I've never actually attempted a full-scale detox. I think J.P. Sears may just have convinced me to give it a go - especially if it involves colon hydrotherapy, which looks like fun:

My thanks to Heat Street for introducing me to J.P. Sears. All of this immensely wise guru's videos are available here. (I hope you're not offended that I thought you might enjoy them).

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