Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! Unless you think it's haraam and "a celebration of lust", of course.

It's them being so cheerful, etc. Me, I love it, no matter how tawdry, fake, commercialised, sentimental and pagan it undoubtedly is. It's part of our culture...

...and, far from celebrating lust, it celebrates romantic love - and I'm all for that. Of course, it doesn't go down well in some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Malaysia, where it's essentially banned. But, then, we Europeans rather like the notion of marrying people we choose to marry - as long as they want to marry us - and we do so hoping that the result is a lifelong partnership between equals. Doesn't always work out that way, of course: one of the problems with freedom is that it allows us to make wrong choices. But, in my experience, it also means that discovering you've made the right choice is even sweeter. (Mention of sweetness reminds me that my wife made me some raspberry-flavoured marshmallows to mark the day, and I may be experiencing a sugar high: of course, as I'm a Type II diabetic, she may just be trying to hasten my demise.)

The thing which puzzles me about these 2015 interviews (apart from the miasma of joylessness) is why you would choose to live in a society whose mores, habits, customs - its whole attitude to life - you so comprehensively reject. You don't have to wholeheartedly embrace bits of harmless (and, I would argue, beneficial) silliness like Valentine's Day: you can be as cynically Scrooge-like as you like: but if I lived in a country whose cultural traditions I felt were profoundly and upsettingly alien to the culture of my people and my religion - and which I neither understood nor respected - I wouldn't move there in the first place, or, if born there, I'd be extremely keen to move permanently to a country with whose culture I felt more comfortable.  The British like dogs, beer and nonsense like Valentine's Day - if those things offend you, well, nobody's forcing you to stay. 

Meanwhile, in a truly nauseating display of leftist cultural cringing, female members of the Swedish government - the self-proclaimed "first feminist government in the world" - have abased themselves by donning hijabs and chadors in order to suck up to the bearded, boot-faced, women-hating mullahs of Iran, all in the name of a trade deal. What an abysmal example of gutlessness and hypocrisy:
Feminist? Feminist??? Meatball-chomping surrender-monkeys and traitors to womankind, every damned one of them. No wonder Sweden's disappearing down a multiculti crapper of its own making. 

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