Monday, 6 February 2017

"Germany Calling...Germany Calling...This is the BBC, broadcasting from Brussels...despite Brexit."

In case that wasn't depressing enough...

Sounds innocent  - but when you read the article on the BBC News site, you discover that Brexit voters were (this will amaze you), older, poorer, whiter and less well-educated than Remain voters! Well, hold the front page! 

Nevertheless, just as Donald Trump - thanks to the support of older, poorer, whiter and less well-educated American voters - was still the President of the United States last time I checked,  Britain is still heading for the door marked Brexit. Remainers - led by their propaganda arm, the BBC - have unleashed their last, desperate V2-style rocket attacks on London, in the form of attempts to derail Brexit via the courts and parliament, but they've failed to dent Britain's fighting spirit. They're no holed up in their bunker at EU headquarters working feverishly on the equivalent of a war-winning atom bomb as the clock ticks down to the triggering of Article 50, but it appears the game is up. Which is no doubt why bosses are reporting a negative impact on their businesses. Or are they? Not according to The Times:
But...but - the pound!
In his report in the Telegraph, Ambrose-Evans Pritchard writes:
Bank of America has advised clients to prepare for a major rebound in sterling as markets become inured to each breathless twist in the Brexit saga, and focus instead on the underlying resilience of the UK economy.
The bank’s currency team said there may be one last leg down for the pound after Article 50 is triggered in March, probably hitting a three-decade low of $1.15 against the dollar before charging back up in V-shaped recovery later this year.
“The pound looks cheap.  We think the start of the countdown to Brexit may prove to be the low and the opportunity to enter sterling longs (positions),” said strategists Athanasios Vamvakidis and Kamal Sharma.
Sterling longs? Well, it is a bit nippy. Anyway, who am I to doubt Athanasios and Kamal? ("Athanasios", by the way, means "immortal", and Athanasius of Alexandria is thought to have written the 6th Century Athanasian creed). Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver evidently shares their optimism:
Funny, that. It seems just a matter of weeks since the chubby, chirpy health nazi announced he was closing six restaurants because of a "tough market" following the Brexit vote. Oh, hang on - it was just a matter of weeks: five, to be precise. The BBC eagerly reported the closures - and the reason given - but I haven't yet seen any "Jamie Oliver bullish after Brexit" follow-up items. Maybe they're trying to figure out how to spin it as an anti-Brexit story. I'd go for "Jamie Oliver opens new London restaurant - despite Brexit". After all, it's BBC house style:
If the vote had gone the other way, any bad economic news headline would no doubt have ended with the phrase "despite Remain".

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