Saturday, 14 January 2017

This just in from deranged old far-left political activist, Channel 4's Jon Snow...

As I'm sure anybody who isn't a senile, left-wing, Trump-loathing member of the British media elite can see, there one rather obvious mistaken assumption underlying this tweet...

...namely, that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Listen carefully: DONALD TRUMP IS NOT YET THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, YOU TRULY MASSIVE COCKWOMBLE.

I should have thought that, no matter what their political allegiance, someone who claims to be a journalist - even one who works for that organ of the Islington Tendency, Channel Four News - would have grasped the difference between POTUS and PEOTUS. The current President of the United States is that nice black cultural Marxist chappie, Barack Obama, who, given that he's run America (into the ground) for the past eight awful, enervating years, is the man you should blame for the amount of time it takes to get through immigration controls at JFK. Better yet, why not blame those Muslim terrorists and illegal immigrants, for whom you seem to have such soft spots, without whom there would be less need for US authorities to scrutinise the bona fides of arriving passengers with such forensic thoroughness.

If this is anybody's New World, Snow, it was created by you and every other left-liberal reality-denier who views the world through permanently-affixed Guardian/New York Times Goggles.


  1. If Trump hadn't been so rude to women, Jon Snow said in the early evening of 8 November 2016 when the world was still spinning the right way, he would have won ...

    1. Jon Snow interviewing Michael Moore? I was just about to have my dinner!

      I suspect that the BBC attracts so much flack for political bias that the appalling C4 News is able to fly under the radar. I rarely watch it, but when I do, I always feel a red mist descending with a few minutes (or within a few seconds if Jon Snow is on the screen).