Thursday, 26 January 2017

The antinomianism of America's "entertainment" industry elite - they behave like pigs because they're "justified by faith"

And what's with this peculiar obsession with their private parts?

Yes, social justice warrior "ladies" of the New Left, you all possess a vagina. There really is no need to keep reminding us of the fact, because that isn't - in itself - an accomplishment. (Ditto the chap who appears to be celebrating the fact that he's finally located his brain.)

Antinomianism is a term I've encountered a lot in recent years - most recently in Arthur Goldwag's excellent Isms & 'Ologies: All the movements, ideologies and doctrines that have shaped our world, which I bought despite an endorsement from Stephen Fry on the cover. The disapproving term, which means "against the law", was invented by Martin Luther, and is described by Goldwag as: "The belief in Christianity that the bestowal of diving grace relieves the believer of the obligation to obey the moral law - once saved, always saved."  One can, I suppose, see the attraction: if you believe in Heaven, you'll end up there no matter what the hell you do on Earth. The fact that it neatly sidesteps pretty much everything Jesus said and did in the New Testament is neither here nor there, apparently. 

The potty-mouthed pinheads of America's film, TV and music industries are antinomians to the core. Their riches are "justified" by the fact that they believe wealth should be "fairly" distributed. Their habit of spewing carbon emissions into the earth's atmosphere from their multiple homes and the exhausts of the planes they spend half their life on is "justified" by their belief that Man-Made Global Warming poses the greatest threat to our world. Their penchant for shrieking vile, foul-mouthed abuse at anyone who disagrees with them is "justified" by their belief that "Love Trumps Hate". Their seeming determination to act as pied pipers leading their goofy young fans into an amoral, sexually perverted, faithless, loveless existence is "justified" by their concern for the "kids" who now face the horror of growing up in "Trump's America" (as if Trump's America would be any worse that, say, Madonna's America). Their almost inconceivable levels of self-absorption - their cosmic selfishness - has rendered them morally insane.

Enough, already. Mind you, while The Donald has made some rather good appointments, and while his whirlwind destruction of Obama's tawdry "legacy" is to be applauded, I'm not sure I'm willing to go this far - at least, not yet: 


  1. "Their almost inconceivable levels of self-absorption - their cosmic selfishness - has rendered them morally insane."

    This is a quote by a British pop singer called Paul Weller which illustrates your above point. It is a reaction to not getting his own way [from a book review about pop singers in the Christmas edition of the Spectator]:
    " I am not used to people talking to me like that. Not because I think I am Mr. Superstar, but because I am not fucking having it. Basically because I am from Woking and I don't give a fuck, do you know what I mean?"

    Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones always emphasised that he was from Woking. So what's the secret about this place?

    Your picture above looks like the Prez is having a spectral visit "with" Jim Morrison who is explaining the words of "Roadhouse Blues" to him.

    1. I wonder why being from Woking would explain not giving a fuck, know what I mean? It's been Conservative ever since the constituency was created in 1950, so I'm guessing it's not exactly Tower Hamlets. Having said that, Rick Parfitt was a Woking boy, so it wasn't all tea on the vicarage lawn. (Alec Bedser was also from Woking.)

      If Brian Jones claimed to be from Woking, he was fibbing. He was born and brought up in - of all places - genteel Cheltenham. Worse, he actually attended Cheltenham Grammar School for Boys. Posh or what?