Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Paris, New York, Moscow, London - Métro, Subway, Метро, Tube

That was taken by Ferdinando Scianna on the Paris Métro, 1987. I've never quite managed to nod off on the underground - the seats are too small - but I've often managed to match the bleak gaze of this Parisian heading for work on a Monday morning: 

Here's another Frenchman celebrating the joys of life - either that or he's checking his bald spot:
This couple, captured by Robert Doisneau, are so French, they're called Chevalier:
Zazie dans le Métro?
She might at least have played the accordion!
No wonder they're desperate to escape...
Both dreaming of open fields (Sunday morning, 1980, by Peter Turnley)....
While the lady in Jean Hermanson's 1966 photograph is just dreaming:
Meanwhile, over in New York - or Trumptown, as I believe it's to be called following the President's latest executive order - people used to dress very nicely:
Now, it's more about comfort:
It's the same the whole world over:
But it's not all suffering (photo by Dieter Krehbiel):
Meanwhile in Moscow, they've just been informed that the next train has been delayed. For five years (bit like Southern Rail):
It would almost be worth it if they threw in an art show at the end of it:
Up to two dozen dogs who've learnt to navigate the Moscow underground system - this is known as "dogspreading":
Closer to home, where it's always warm and friendly...
...and chaps can enjoy a jolly good chinwag on near-empty trains ("So the doctor said, 'Well, then, don't do it!'"):
Is that the Queen?
No - this is the Queen, nervously checking for potential muggers:
Presumably, SJWs eat Bile Beans all day long, causing them to spit poison and leave a noxious smell behind . Every tube journey looks and feels like this...
...when, ideally, it should look and feel more like this:

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