Saturday, 5 November 2016

The takeover of academia by cultural Marxists - Niall Ferguson's "Decline and Fall of History" is funny, depressing and utterly magnificent

A few years ago...

...impressed by what my son was studying in his History of Art A-level course (thanks, presumably, to his old-fashioned, no-nonsense teacher) I seriously considered doing an Open University course in the subject. I looked the course up online and discovered - in amongst one or two more traditional-sounding "modules" - an awful lot of crap about gender and slavery and Islamic and African art etc. I decided not to spend my money on being brainwashed by cultural Marxists determined to "correct" my decidedly Eurocentric and (probably) phallocentric attitudes to history and art. 

Now, whether some old geezer decides to subject himself to the sort of left-liberal propaganda peddled by modern academics is of little concern to anyone. The real problem is the institutional infection of our brightest young people with the virus of cultural Marxism. The promotion of anti-white, anti-patriarchal, and anti-Western values by political activists posing as academics is a scandal. Our universities exist to pass on an understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage to the next generation - not to churn out an army of clueless leftist clones incapable of questioning current political orthodoxy.

Given the fascistic reign of terror currently raging through universities here and in the United States, I'm astonished that Niall Ferguson gets away with voicing such uncomfortable truths - but he obviously does. God bless the chippie little Glaswegian mega-brain.

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