Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Illustration Man strikes again! The Grønmark Blog's list of The Greatest American Movies - Nos. 210-300

...mainly because I'd created a Pinterest board of all the posters. Well, I've been at it again, producing a board consisting of posters for the next hundred best American films of all time. Here's a selection of twenty-one of the most striking posters - as you'll see, I've gone (mainly) vertical:


  1. Studied your list with great interest. There are six films here of which I have never heard [Dead End, After Hours, Act of Violence, Force of Evil, Seventh Cross, Big Carnival] and have some great old stars [Van Heflin etc]. None of them are available on Love Film or Amazon. Oddly, the chance of seeing any of them will be BBC2 which still has some echoes of its former excellence prior to the takeover of the managerial cretins [who I suspect all look and speak like Owen Jones].

    1. You have a much better chance of catching them on Talking Pictures TV. For instance, Dead End is on at 2.30 pm this very Sunday. You'll probably know The Big Carnival as Ace in the Hole? After Hours definitely deserves to be better known - but it's never on anywhere.