Monday, 21 November 2016

Andrew Neil rips leading Remainer James McGrory a new one. Enjoy!

First of all, McGrory, the pro-Brexit Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan's surname is not pronounced...

...HannAN. Surely you must know this? Second, and rather more importantly, if the Remain case is as strong as you and your fellow fanatics tell us, why did the Remain campaign spend the whole of the referendum campaign lying through its teeth (we're still waiting for a stock market crash, companies fleeing Britain, a hufe rise in unemployment, and massive tax hikes)? And why are you continuing to lie to the British people by deliberately misrepresenting statements made by leading Brexiteers? When in God's name are you going to grasp the simple and undeniable truth that the British people rejected your campaign's foul blizzard of pre-referendum day lies - and will reject your continuing attempts to smear and misrepresent the Brexit case? Christ almighty - do you people have no conscience?

Anyway, I shouldn't worry: it's evident that Britain's left-liberal establishment is willing to do just about anything to ensure that this country continues to be ruled by an unelected, alcoholic, socialist Luxembourger. I suggest you shut your mouth, stop digging the hole you've made for yourself, and just let the judges, the BBC and the House of Lords - and all the other anti-democratic entitlement junkies - do your dirty work for you.


What with Andy Murray's victory and Andrew Neil's forensic destruction of yet another pack of Remain lies, it was a sensational Sunday for stubborn Scotsmen.


  1. Where do the broadcasters find these colourless pipsqueaks with their verbal flatulence problems [or more accurately, "Flatus Vocis"= "Uttering words and phrases that have no objective reality"].

    I know it is great for people like Andrew Neil to have an easy supply of cannon-fodder [The Gelatinous One, for example], but it is not very stimulating.

    By the way, where are our little friends Owen Jones [can you remember Kevin Turvey?] or Laurie Penney these days? At least you get a laugh...this guy McGrory is about as funny as a modern British comedian.

    1. Little Owen has been tweeting that many people would like see Bernie Sanders as the next US Ambassador to Britain (er...?), while dear Laurie is busy getting ready to move to Brighton this week, where she's "looking to get in touch with local awesomes and comrades". So, if anyone knows of any "local awesomes" in Brighton, do pass their names along to Miss Penny.