Monday, 24 October 2016

The recent influx of Arab "refugees" really has brought out the worst in Britain's Wankerati

The only problem is this: where, exactly, would they be deported to? Morgan later made it clear that he was talking about white trash racist scum British passport holders: to someone who tweeted, "I assume you are talking about throwing out the indigenous population. That in itself is racist", Morgan responded, "No, just the white trash racist scum indigenous population."

I'm aware you can put people in prison these days for expressing the wrong opinion, but I didn't know you could take away their passports and expel them for not holding the same set of standard views as left-liberal celebrities. Perhaps any adult Briton suspected of harbouring mistaken opinions should be made to attend a tribunal consisting of moral arbiters of the stature of Piers Morgan, Lily Allen, Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Lineker - if they're not too busy tweeting or appearing on stage or television or visiting members of the victim group de jour or addressing the UN or any of the other things that prevent them from ever listening to or reading anything written by people far cleverer than them who actually know stuff and have thought about it. (Mercifully, British slebs haven't yet gone as far as their American counterparts: Madonna offered anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton a blow-job, and Miley Cyrus has just told Trump supporters to "kiss my ass", so those two "ladies" are going to have their hands - and other parts of their anatomy - quite full for a while.)

My favourite part of the Piers Morgan twitterstorm was when he responded to the comment: "I lived in Bradford. These celebs love virtue signalling because they’ve never lived amongst it" with the following:
"I live in West London. Most people working in my area are immigrants. They do a fantastic job for their customers & this country."
You see? Being a white, globe-totting, multi-millionaire TV celebrity living in some fantastically expensive pad in (presumably) one of the most exclusive parts of West London (Notting Hill? Holland Park?) while having your every need catered to by an army of immigrant workers - cleaners, builders, restaurateurs, shop-keepers - is just like living in some impoverished Northern town surrounded by Muslim immigrants. Why, unlike the vile racists he attacks, I bet Piers makes a real effort to talk to immigrants (although it probably mostly consists of phrases like "You've missed a bit", "You've burnt the bloody toast again!" and "But you absolutely promised to have it ready by this morning.").

Gary Lineker got into the virtue-signalling act this week:
Well, Gary - as far as I can see, it got so sick of being hectored, bullied and villified by people like you and Piers and Benedict and Lily that it just woke up one morning and thought, "Know what? Sod this for a game of soldiers. It's my country, too!" 

There are indeed some utterly horrible racist thugs in Britain. They exist in every country, only there don't seem to be as many of them here as there in most other parts of the world. When their racism involves threats, harassment or physical violence, they should be arrested and charged and punished. But the vast majority of those questioning the wisdom of or necessity for allowing in yet more migrants - especially when we see what's happening in other European countries - aren't in the least bit racist: they're just sick of being ignored. Are the people of the market town of Great Torrington in Devon racist because they're worried at the prospect of 70 former Calais Jungle residents being dumped on their doorstep? I don't think so, but I expect Lineker and Moran and their ilk would. Then again, they won't ever have to cope with an influx of young Muslim men who should never have been allowed to get into Europe in the first place, and many of whom might be better employed back in their own country, fighting to protect the older men, women and children they appear to have discarded - as Lee Hurst pointed out:

Still, as long as Gary and Piers get to parade their moral superiority, the sacrifice being asked of the people of Great Torrington - and of so many other places and communities around the country which are sadly devoid of compassionate celebrities - will have been more than worth it. And if anyone objects - deport the "white trash racist scum"!


  1. I'm not quite sure how Morgan stayed out of prison after his spell at the Mirror. I'm even less sure why he is still infecting our airwaves following the US's wise verdict on his abilities.

    Just what do some of these clowns have to do for their abject failure to deliver the shelf-stacking careers they so richly deserve?

    1. Working at the BBC, I became convinced that it was essentially a Calvinist organisation operating on the principle of predestination: it seemed to have been decided early on in their careers that some producers, presenters, reporters were "saved" - whatever they did, their careers soared inexorably upwards - while others, who seemed just as good at their jobs and committed fewer errors, were permanently stuck in second gear, i.e. "damned". I've since noticed the same principle operating in many areas of our national life: politics is littered with examples. The appalling Morgan is a prime example of someone who has been involved in a any number of career-ending disasters in newspapers and television - but, for some odd reason, he keeps landing juicy, high-paid jobs.