Monday, 3 October 2016

Any white person who finds Jan Ravens' impression of Diane Abbott funny is a disgusting racist. Apparently.

Here's Jan Ravens "doing" Flabbott on ITV's Peston on Sunday yesterday - watch from 1'36":

This didn't go down well with...

...Labour supporters (well, Corbyn supporters, really, so enemies of the Labour Party), who are totally relaxed about obscene "jokes" concerning the Queen's sex life and who wet themselves laughing when Margaret Thatcher died, but who evidently feel that poking gentle fun at an incredibly annoying, hypocritical and incompetent fool of a politician (who happens to be black) is utterly beyond the pale (as it were):

I don't see why you can't be a racist and a feminist, but, ignoring the fact that Diane Abbott happens to be an anti-white racist herself, what was there about Jan Ravens' impersonation that had anything to do with her target's pigmentation?

Oh my God - misogynoir?  I suspect you may be an idiobecile.

What - and Diane Abbott is dignified?

I know people like this tweeter think that we all have to share the same political opinions, but I'm pretty sure that what we find funny is a matter for the individual. And "steeped in agenda"? I know nothing whatsoever about Jan Ravens, but I doubt very much whether she has an agenda - apart from getting paid to make people laugh. Or does Steve imagine Peston and his guests got together beforehand and hatched a plot to undermine Diane Abbott in particular and black people in general?

Washing a placenta? Is that something people actually do?

You know, I very much doubt if she is "better" than all of them (the jury's out in Anna Soubry's case - she utterly ghastly as well). Diane Abbott has made some horrible racist remarks about white people (including Finnish nurses) and this lifelong opponent of elitism and selective education sent her son to a private school, after which he attended the non-elite and non-selective university, Cambridge, and now apparently has a job with that non-elite and non-selective institution, the Foreign Office. Leaving aside the somewhat questionable issue of Diane Abbott's moral superiority, where does it say you can only laugh at jokes about people who you consider to be morally inferior?

But she has an incredibly silly and fantastically irritating voice. What has that got to do with colour? Oh, hang on...

Oh - you mean Diane Abbott's voice is the result of racism and oppression??? Are you on medication?

She'd be more likely to crumble under the weight of Diane.

Yes - what it says about them is that they have a sense of humour. You can look the word up on Wikipedia.

Oddly, this was one of the few occasions on which Robert Peston didn't manage to make himself look a complete fool.

A Labour left-winger lecturing others about "abuse"? In July, Jess Phillips submitted 96 pages detailing abuse she had received (mainly from left-wing Labourites) to a Labour Party investigation (and we know how rigorous those are.

I' Is there a single moment during the day when these people aren't obsessing about blacks or JewsermZionists?

Ah - I was wondering when we were going to hear from Sir Roger Scruton.

Me? I tend to agree with Lester:

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  1. I'm pretty sure that these tweeters ? are the sort of people who roar, chortle and whoop at "jokes" about UKIP, Maggie Thatcher and Nigel Farage on The Now Show. A puerile programme cobbled together ( I would judge ) by acne riddled members of the lower sixth.
    I have to say that Anna Soubrey and Jess Phillips are two of my least favourite politicians of either gender.
    I tuned in on Sunday, saw them sitting there smirking and immediately switched off. Soubrey's constant gurning when someone is speaking she disagrees with is irritating beyond endurance.
    Mind you, that's the best I've seen Diane Abbott look for years.