Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Ah! Poor little Syrian orphans of war - what was advertised, and what actually arrived in the post

Heart-rending, right? What sort of monster could possibly object to Britain taking in poor, vulnerable little mites like these? Not even me!
But when the courier knocked at the door this morning, this is what the package contained:

Or as Pat Condell put it:

Here's Godfrey Elfwick's take:

They keep doing it to us, don't they - governments, international agencies, the liberal media, professional compassion-mongers of all sorts. Every time we give these bastards an inch, they grab a mile. And if we complain that they've delivered something which has nothing to do with what we ordered from them, they tell us that they operate a "no returns/no refunds" policy, that we're cruel, narrow-minded, racist xenophobes and that we'll be up on a charge if we don;t keep our mouths shut. 

If Amazon behaved like this, they'd be out of business in a few months - but these wretched governments, organisations and institutions, who never deliver what was advertised, simply shrug, pocket the money,  insult their customers, and immediately start planning their next "humanitarian" scam. 


  1. Wasn't it the French who selected the "children" to send to us? They are 'avin a laff, surely. Bring on the tooth test. These men may be the sort of people we would not wish to admit to our country, for various reasons. How dare they! Decent politicians should make a stand for common sense, and insist on only accepting the under fifteens.

  2. I for one will sleep more soundly knowing we have rescued these poor wee mites from the clutches of the Calais Jungle

    Jon T

  3. What I can't understand is why whoever was representing the UK in this process didn't take one look at the adults the French were dumping on us and simply refuse to accept them. Were British officials under orders not to kick up a fuss, or were they just a bunch of incompetents, or were they simply standard-issue public service bleeding heart lefties who were delighted to advance the multiculti cause? Given the high levels of public outrage, are we going to be told who was responsible for this conspiracy/cock up, and are any officials going to be reprimanded, suspended or (preferably) fired? Of course not.

  4. It does not really matter anymore about numbers or ages. The damage is done and it is irreparable. Blair opened the barn door and May completely failed to close it during her six years as Home Secretary.

    Two passing comments on the whole sorry affair:

    1. On the "World at One" yesterday the hugely irritating Martha Kearney was interviewing a nincompoop from a charity called "Citizens UK" [one George Angel Gabriel] who stated without irony that the reason the child refugees all looked so old was the hardship that they had endured in "The Jungle". A remark worthy of Batmanghelidj. I was amazed she did not appear as the occasion was tailored for her - 25-year old "children" getting hand-outs from the tax-payer and a chance to spew out non-stop nonsense.

    2. Over on ITN the sweaty, malodorous Piers Morgan decided to pull his simulated outrage act on the MP David Davies who had suggested dental inspections by going off on a great rant about human rights and the rest of it. Davies asked him to say when he had finished "the question" so he could answer it. Morgan tried to pull the contrived indignation shtick in America and was promptly sent packing [so now we have to suffer this unsavoury person].

    And while the country is being sold down the swanee the decision on Heathrow vs Gatwick has been postponed for another year. Nothing ever changes.