Friday, 30 September 2016

The appointment of former Labour minister James Purnell as Director of Radio is certainly one in the eye for those who accuse the BBC of being left-wing!

We can expect a lot more of this:
But, of course, it makes perfect sense...

...because, at a time when New Labour has disappeared without trace, and following the 2015 general election in which the two main left-wing parties (Labour, Lib-Dems) won a whopping 38.3% of the vote compared to the measly 49.5% cast for parties of the right and centre-right (Conservatives, UKIP), and a matter of months after the British public has shown a distinct rightward shift by voting to leave the EU - well, it makes perfect sense for the BBC to stick two fingers up to its licence-fee payers by appointing a former left-liberal politician to run a radio service which, in the case of Radio 4, pumps out endless propaganda for the sort of metropolitan liberal-leftism which voters have so comprehensively rejected.

That'll make those who accuse the BBC of ignoring the views and values of at least half of the people who pay for it look like right chumps!

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