Saturday, 17 September 2016

New editor of Vogue arrives for her first day in the job (h/t: David Vance)...


  1. She has now transformed herself completely into that person on the tube whose eyes you desperately avoid and who you pray will not sit next to you and start regaling you with stories about how she used to be the Naomi Campbell of the 1950s.

    1. Actually, one can quite see why Corbyn was so entranced all those years ago and Portillo was transfixed on Andrew Neil's sofa, sweet...

    2. The really odd thing about it is that I reckon British black women are generally more stylishly and tastefully dressed than their white counterparts, whether they've gone for an ethnic look or sober business gear. - and I'm not just talking about women with figures like Lorraine Pascale's (who's been off our screens for far too long). Checked trouser suits are, I should imagine, a rarity.