Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Lots of talk today about cutting the number of peers as well as MPs: I know - what about the "last in, first out" principle!

Because, let's face it...

...Corbyn's decision to reward the Quango Queen for giving his nasty little party a clean bill of health over utterly justified charges of raging anti-Semitism (oh, sorry - I forgot: anti-Zionism) was possibly the most sordid political act of a year which has hardly been short of them (including, of course, David Cameron's vile resignation "dishonours" list).

Three days ago, The Sun reported the following:
The home affairs committee has tried several times to find out when she was offered the honour, says a secret report on the rise of anti- semitism that has been seen by The Sun on Sunday.
It says: “Ms Chakrabarti has not been sufficiently open with the committee about when she was offered her peerage, despite several attempts to clarify it.”
Fancy! Perhaps that's why she was looking so decidedly uncomfortable during her House of Lords debut today.

Mind you, the committee aren't the only ones who found it difficult to get a straight answer to a straight question. She was asked the same one during this interview with J-TV, a Jewish YouTube channel, posted on 20th July:

"You can ask me whatever you like." Really? Okay - when exactly did Jeremy Corbyn offer you a peerage, Baroness Charabarti? Pity you didn't get one earlier, or it might have helped you get your son into that bastion of egalitarianism, Eton (which Heat Street wrote about last month).

Pass the sick-bag, Alice!


  1. Baroness Sham of Wooly Bully always has a malevolent look about her. The trouble about narcissists and relentless social climbers is that they never completely ditch their baggage. Anyway, I see from the photograph in the DT that she has a very nice sponsor by her side - perhaps she will soon be popping up in Marks & Spenser print advertisement?

    Now, when can we expect the arrival of Batmanghelidj, Botney and Vaz in this august chamber?

  2. ...with Vaz dispensing the ceremonial "poppers" while The Lord Speaker commences proceedings with the traditional cry of: "We need to get this party started!"