Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The BBC goes full Peter Simple with one utterly deranged tweet

My first reaction was "What are they smoking at Radio Ulster these days?" My second reaction was...
... one of disappointment that Michael Wharton - by far the major contributor to the Telegraph's glorious "Peter Simple" column in the five decades preceding his death in 2006 - wasn't still alive to hoot with derision at such a spectacular example of trendy, ignorant, equality-obsessed, multiculti media lunacy.

For those of you who may not have heard of Michael Wharton, I would refer you to a post I wrote about the great man back in 2010, entitled: "Michael Wharton, aka Peter Simple: The greatest creator of comic characters since Dickens". Among Wharton's enormous list of inspired creations, some of my favourites were Good King Norman, the Socialist Monarch ( a member of the Association of Monarchical Workers and Allied Trades), his wife, Queen Doreen, his mother-in-law, the Queen Gran, his sons Prince Barry and Prince Kevin, his daughters Princess Shirley and Princess Tracey - and, of course, his brother-in-law, Duke Len of Erdington.

Presumably the staff at BBC Talkback are thinking more long the lines of King Ahmed, Queen Shawneesha, the Queen Nan, Princes Rohit and Mohammed, Princesses Taylor and Aneeshka, and brother-in-law Duke JazzyJ of Hackney.

WHARTON! thou shouldst be living at this hour:  
  England hath need of thee

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