Monday, 25 July 2016

Gee, I hope they catch the German racist responsible for this poor Syrian's death!

So, let me get this straight...

...the Syrian was an asylum seeker? That makes it even more heart-rending. After all, here was someone who had risked life and limb to escape violence in his own country, only to be killed by some deranged, hate-filled German... What's that? The Syrian was killed by a bomb intended to slaughter young people at a music festival in Ansbach? What kind of sick, twisted, right-wing German swine would even think of... Oh, the bomb was strapped to the Syrian when it went off, because he was a suicide bomber? You mean it was the Syrian migrant who intended murdering scores of young Germans attending a music festival?

Gosh, I wonder what those mean Germans did to him to make him so angry. Ah - they were about to deport him to Bulgaria? Racists! Honestly, it's enough to make anyone grab a machete and murder their pregnant girlfriend.

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