Sunday, 24 July 2016

Labour are now undoubtedly the Nasty Party - maybe it should adopt a Rat's Anus insignia?

Of course, sensible people have always known that the Labour Left's compassionate posturing...

...has long been underpinned by an ugly, brutal, anti-human and deeply stupid political "philosophy" based on hatred, resentment, contempt for liberal democracy and the nation state, and a total repudiation of economic, social and psychological reality. We all owe Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott a vote of thanks for inadvertently exposing this truth, and for making Labour utterly unelectable for a generation (or forever, with any luck). There is nothing kind or cuddly or empathetic about these wretched people or their horrible, thuggish followers: they hate this country, they despise the majority of its people, and wish it and them nothing but ill. 

If any mainstream journalist or politician ever again seeks to assure us that Jeremy Corbyn is a decent man, they should be sacked (Dan Hodges has written an article for the Daily Mail entitled "Reckon he's a nice, decent bloke? Well let me show you the dark, menacing reality behind 'The Great Corbyn Myth'", which is well worth reading). I'm sure that nobody who reads this blog would for an instant have been fooled by Corbyn's Forrest Gump-like air of gentle bafflement: we know that he isn't so much simple as intellectually and emotionally limited - and, of course, profoundly, almost inconceivably, ignorant. There's no two ways about it: Corbyn and his repellent companions really are the baddies. The only mystery is whether or not they realise it. 

At this point I should probably say something about the government needing a strong, effective opposition. I'm sure I've said something along those lines in the past. But having suffered - along with the rest of you - thirteen years of the Blair-Brown Terror, I think I'll just hunker down in front of the TV and relish every single moment of Labour's painful, protracted, humiliating end. Rarely can any political party have more richly deserved such a horrible fate.  

Pass the popcorn!

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