Saturday, 4 June 2016

Nice of J.P. Morgan's boss to threaten the British with job cuts if they disobey the elite and vote for Brexit

Yesterday, Jamie Dimon, the boss of J.P. Morgan - who is known as the "King of Wall Street" (as opposed to, say, the "Wanker of Wall Street") - welcomed David Cameron to an event in Bournemouth, where his bank employs 4,000 staff. Dave probably didn't have to face any of the sort of impertinent questions from the assembled "workers" he was subjected to by members of the audience during his enormously successful Sky News appearance on Thursday night (well, not unless any J.P. Morgan employee was particularly keen on ending up in a tank filled with ravenous piranha fish).

Mr. Dimon backed up the Prime Minister's dire warnings of economic ruin in the event of a vote to leave the EU by saying (no doubt more in sorrow than anger) that he would have "no choice" but to reduce headcount and shift jobs to some European country where voters haven't been offered a choice on whether to leave the EU (or where they have in effect voted to leave, but have been over-ruled by Eurocrats). A very adroit move on the part of the PM, I thought, to show himself hobnobbing with an American "one percenter" (or, rather, 0.00000000000001 percenter) - an international banker, no less - at the exact point in his campaign when he stands accused of being out of touch with the concerns of ordinary Britons.

Whenever J.P. Morgan is mentioned, it inevitably brings to mind the following passage from page 231 of Isabel Paterson's 1943 libertarian classic, The God of the Machine, in which she discusses the relief provided by the American government to alleviate financial distress following the Great Crash of 1929:

So when the current head of this august financial institution decides to go all Tony Soprano on Britain's collective butt, I would be surprised if the natural reaction of most Britons weren't to invite him to fuck off at the earliest available opportunity.

Bloody cheek!


  1. As I remarked elsewhere, this would be the same J.P. Morgan that was fined $13 million for its role in the great crash.

    Both it and Goldman Sachs should be dismembered.

    1. Strangely enough, Goldman Sachs are one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for the Remain camp. That's almost a sufficient reason for voting Leave. No, scrub that - it IS a sufficient reason for voting Leave.

  2. All sorts of people and organisations from outside the UK now feel they have the right to express an opinion about the EU Referendum publicly. Everybody from POTUS to the rubber-faced mummer Matt Damon have given the Remain Campaign the thumbs up [there goes the moronic "Bourne" Franchise vote for starters]. This is just bad manners [like the sweaty, gobby Piers Morgan criticising U.S. law while a guest of that country]. Everybody is running off at the mouth.
    And now JP Morgan feels justified in interfering in the domestic politics of the UK [with Dave's connivance]. From Damon to Dimon? We have the sight of our PM being associated with an organisation which has paid the US Government between $40 - $70 Billion in fines [the reports vary wildly] since 2008 for their part in the crash and which includes a fine of $2 Billion in 2014 for failing to report Bernie Madoff's shenanigans and provided him with banking facilities for 20 years . Nice bed partner.
    Actually, you should be careful about criticising Goldman Sachs. Our estemed Governor of the Bank of England was once in their employ. Mind you, everybody was once associated with them.
    Now what has the Sage of Dudley got to say about all this? What is the Diversity angle? Sage, put on your red nose and speak to us.