Thursday, 9 June 2016

Eurofanatics fed Norwegians exactly the same lies before their 1994 referendum as the ones Remainers are trying to frighten us with

George Osborne accused Leavers of being "quitters" during his TV grilling by Andrew Neil earlier this week. Which is a bit like the senior British officer at Colditz accusing escapees of being quitters. Presumably, Osborne would have accused...
...countries seeking independence from the Soviet Union after the fall of the Berlin Wall of being cowardly turncoats. All the evidence would suggest that Britons are being asked whether they wish to leave the EU shortly before an ugly, unsustainable Frankenstein monster of a would-be superstate composed of utterly mismatched limbs is burned to death by angry peasants driven beyond endurance by its rein of terror.

I see that the Remain slogan for the remainder of the campaign is to be "Out of Europe - Out of Work": well, it could certainly apply to George Osborne (although I'm sure there's some spectacularly well-remunerated top job waiting for him in the City or the EU, should it all go tits-up on the 23rd June).

In today's Telegraph, the Archbishop of York, Dr. John the Night-Tripper - sorry, Sentamu - claims leaving would entail "breaking our promises" to other EU countries. No, it wouldn't, actually. An independent, sovereign country is asking its people whether they wish to withdraw from a failing customs union which they only agreed to join in the first place because many of their democratically-elected politicians lied through their teeth about its true purpose. Our own politicians and EU bureaucrats have broken their promises to us about the EU on numerous occasions: we never promised other European countries we would never revisit our original decision: it was a trade deal, Archbishop - not a solemn and binding pledge before God. And the current EU treaty bears no relation to the one we signed up to. Can you really not see that the only party to have broken its pledges is the EU? 

I can understand why the Roman Catholic church might be keen on the EU - after all, the number of Catholics in Britain has increased exponentially thanks to recent Polish arrivals, and the Catholic church once held sway over the whole continent. But the Church of England? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the very founding of the Anglican Church involved declaring independence from the rest of Europe - and I'd be very surprised if that didn't involve breaking quite a few broken promises to our European "partners". Does Sentamu think his church should still be ruled from Rome, as the British people are now ruled from Brussels? Thought not. Goose and gander, old man.

Then again, one suspects that Sentamu's enthusiasm for the EU stems from the Church of England's myopic obsession with immigration and multiculturalism. In an appearance before the Home Affairs Select Committee this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury accused Nigel Farage of being a racist because of his appalling assertion that unrestricted immigration could lead to Cologne-style sex attacks in Britain. Er... Rotherham, your Grace? 1400 young people sexually abused by Muslim immigrants of Pakistani origin while the authorities averted their gaze would suggest that not only might it happen here - it already has, on a far greater scale. 

You'd think such an explosion of pure evil would have attracted Justin Cantuar's compassion. But, having spent ten minutes on Google searching for the Archbishop's comments on the issue, I have concluded that he didn't make any. If I'm wrong, I apologise: if I'm right, he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. No wonder the Church of England has haemmhoraged members at such an alarming rate over the past 15 (10, 5 - take your pick) years - and no wonder this is now a self-professedly atheist country. Perhaps it would have been different if Anglican leaders hadn't turned their church into a left-wing political pressure group and allied thesmelves with atheistic cultural Marxist social justice warriors rather then tending to the spiritual needs of believers. But no - tending your flock doesn't get you in the papers or on TV. Instead, Welby prefers to make pronouncements on issues that are absolutely none of his concern, such as whether Donald Trump is a Christian (no, apparently), or whether Britain already has enough immigrants (well, of course not, silly!)

I'm a Conservative, and the current leaders of my party are David Cameron and George Osborne. I'm an Anglican, and the current leaders of my church are Justin Welby and John Sentamu. As Donald Trump might tweet - SAD!


  1. Re your final paragraph - am I to infer that you're still a member of the Consrvative Party and a communicant of the Church of England?

    I gave up (finally!) on the Conservatives when the then leader Michael Howard (whose election to leader encouraged me to re-join the party having left when Major was PM) came out in favour of ID cards (which, for me, was the final nail in the Conservative Party coffin). I also left the CoE - finally - when 40 years ago we moved to Muswell Hill, attended the next Sunday service at St James's and were treated to a multi-culti diatribe by the ignoramus in charge (who, as a mark of the CoE's complete uselessness, was later promoted and became Dean at Peterborough).

    So if you're still a member of both organisations, good luck to you . . . but you won't be happy.

    1. I gave up on the Conservative Party when David Cameron attacked Oxford University for not admitting a sufficient number of Afro-Caribbean students, whether or not their exam results merited their selection. This struck me as such a disgraceful betrayal of conservative principles that it proved the final straw. Can you imagine how Mrs. Thatcher would have reacted to such a monumentally stupid and unjust proposal? The only thing the Conservative Party has going for it now is a few dependable right-wing MPs - and the fact that it isn't Labour or the Lib-Dems.

      The CoE is trickier, because I absolutely need somewhere to go to church and the leaders of the Catholic church are even more left-wing and idiotic than their Anglican equivalents - and Pope Francis is an utter fool. I admire and like the clergy at our local church (there's actually two I can attend now, as our church has been tasked with "seeding" a second, formerly near-moribund one which is only just round the corner from us), the congregation is stuffed with good people, it has created a genuine community around here (a real, friendly, supportive one, as opposed to the fantasy special-interest pressure-group pseudo-communities dear to socialist hearts) and the only time I hear a priest say something maddening in our church is if there's a visiting left-wing preacher (they tend to address us as if we were a Sunday School class). So, I'm loyal to our local church(es) - I think it's a genuine force for good - but I'm afraid the likes of Rowan Williams and Justin Welby have somewhat tempered my enthusiasm for the wider church, which currently seems obsessed with the material well-being of non-Christians rather than the spiritual well-being of its flock. The CoE doesn't seem to have noticed that it's relentless support for Labour Party policies has coincided with a disastrous drop in church attendance and a withering away of Christian belief in the country as a whole. Pity.