Tuesday, 31 May 2016

There's only one problem with social media outrage over a gorilla being killed to save a white boy...

Here's a photograph of that white boy's parents:

If the alleged comedienne Jo Brand hadn't told us that "you can't be racist towards white people",  I might have suspected the (presumably) black people responsible for the above tweets of being ever-so-slightly, you know, racist towards white people!

But perhaps the most extraordinary tweet of them all was this one:

Hang on a sec! You're equating gorillas with blacks? I'm pretty sure that kind of statement gets you locked up these days. Or maybe damontemnemonic means they wouldn't have shot the animal if it had been a polar bear - because, presumably, they're white. And what if it had been an albino gorilla - what would those trigger-happy, racist "crackers" have done then? Shot them both? Or just the boy?

There are some very warped people out there - not all of them white.

I wonder what Diane Abbott thinks about it all. 


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