Thursday, 26 May 2016

So Operation Black Vote uses my taxes to portray Brexiteers like me as racist thugs??? Seriously?

In case you can't read the message on the poster, it's "The EU Referendum is on 23rd June. Register to vote by 7th June at" Fair enough. What definitely isn't fair... the implication that people intending to vote Leave are violent fascists. Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Dan Hannan... racists? Really? 

Operation Black Vote is supposed to be a non-partisan organisation aimed at getting black Britons more involved in the democratic process, while raising awareness of racism (yeah, I know, but race hucksters have to earn a living somehow and they're usually not much good at anything other than race-huckstering). The above advert has nothing to do with involving British blacks in the political process: it's ordering blacks to vote Leave. And Operation Black Vote is using our taxes to do so - it received £85,000 of public funding under the Coalition government. Most of that will have been paid by white tax-payers, and now the recipients of our largesse are using it to insult white people. I don't know about you, but I find that ever-so-slightly irritating. If any organisation were to produce a poster showing an Asian man in traditional garb wearing a fierce expression while shaking his fist at a scared-looking white woman (or, indeed, at an Asian woman in traditional garb), wouldn't that be considered racist? So what makes the above poster non-racist? Presumably, the rather bizarre theory that black (or brown) people can't be racist in countries where they're in the minority (or anywhere, for that matter).

In amongst the plethora of referendum-related vox pops on TV recently, I've been struck by two things - the number of inarticulate hysterics who start burbling about Leavers harking back to the days of Empire and how Britain isn't important any more and how we're all scared Little Englanders (at least, I think that's what they're trying to say - it really is quite hard to tell, because they seem to be spewing up gobbets of nonsense they've heard on TV or radio without having properly digested them). Obviously, the opposite is the case: most Leavers understand that the EU represents the past, that it's dying, and that we need to detach ourselves from it before the corpse starts stinking: we think Britain is more energetic, more creative and more nimble-footed than most of its European partners, and that we'd be better off expanding our trade with the rest of the world - especially the Anglophone bits - because they're all growing faster economically than the Eurozone, and aren't committing cultural suicide by planning to welcome in yet more Muslim immigrants, many of whom despise the West and are therefore unassimilable and, in some instances, positively dangerous. This is the opposite of Little Englandism: on the whole, Leavers strike me as far more outward-looking, more optimistic and braver than the Remain scaredy-cats who want nothing more than to keep holding fearfully on to Kindermädchen's coat-tails, despite the fact that Kindermädchen is evidently in the grip of a psychotic episode and that her regime is consequently proving severely deleterious to her charges' well-being.

The other interviewees who have interested me are those blacks and Asians who have figured out that any attempt to reduce immigration figures while remaining in the EU means concentrating on black and brown incomers, because, of course, nothing can be done about economic migrants from the rest of the EU. They've also realised that - as many black and brown people do low-grade, low-paid jobs - the influx of cheap, hard-working East Europeans isn't exactly helping their prospects of finding decent, reasonably-paid employment, just as it's making it more difficult for them to get their kids into good schools, to find housing, or to obtain proper medical treatment. And yet Operation Black Vote is essentially ordering black and Asian voters who harbour doubts about the unalloyed benefits of this latest wave of white immigration to vote against their own interests. Peculiar.

The other thing about the offending advert is that it reveals one of the defining characteristics of our current crop of race hucksters: the aching nostalgia they feel for the old days, when teddy-boys attacked Caribbean immigrants in Notting Hill and gangs of skinheads regularly indulged in what was known as Paki-bashing. I'm pretty sure that if much of that sort of stuff was still going on, BBC News and the Guardian would be tripping over themselves in their eagerness to tell us all about it. Instead, they seem far more concerned with covering up the scale of black-on-white violence, and clashes between blacks and Asians, presumably because, in the first instance, we wicked colonialists probably deserve "a bloody good hiding", and in the second, as black and brown people can't be racist, inter-ethnic violence has nothing to do with race, and is therefore of little interest to left-liberals.

It's obvious that Operation Black Vote should be prosecuted for their disgraceful poster - but as they're doing exactly what David Cameron is doing (i.e. lying to the British people in the interests of the European superstate), they won't be. Pity.

As I'm always complaining about the BBC's relentlessly one-sided coverage of race and immigration, I must congratulate the corporation for the TV documentary, Last Whites of the East End, broadcast on Tuesday. It's available on iPlayer. It deals with the continuing phenomenon of white flight from the East End to Essex, which has been going on for half a century. Initially, it was the result of slum clearance. Now, its main cause seems to be the take-over of large parts of the East End by immigrants. The programme followed a number of individuals and families as they prepared to forsake the area where they'd spent their whole lives, because they no longer felt at home - or safe - there. I found it almost unbearably poignant. Naturally, it drew a flood of complaints for being "racist". There was, of course, nothing remotely racist about it (several of those interviewed were mixed race or married to non-white women, for God's sake!) The brave souls who commissioned, produced and scheduled this extraordinary programme deserve our gratitude for swimming against the tide and giving a voice to a segment of British society that the Labour Party has abandoned, and which our left-liberal elite normally either ignores altogether or treats with sneering contempt: must have taken real guts. The Grønmark Blog salutes you - and wishes the best of luck to those fleeing an East End where they no longer feel welcome.

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  1. One for the ASA, surely?

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