Monday, 30 May 2016

BBC Radio 5 Live host: Muslim rape gangs didn't rape white girls in Rotherham, and to suggest otherwise is "offensive"

I wrote recently that listening to the BBC (and to EU officials) is often like hearing broadcasts from a parallel universe where the facts are the same as in ours, but the conclusions drawn are the diametric opposite (here). Now, though, it seems that even the facts are different. In the following clip from Up All Night the caller appears to live in our world, while the presenter, Dotun Adeboyo, appears to inhabit a universe with a different history, because in the land where Otun dwells, rape gangs comprised of Pakistani Muslims didn't sexually abuse white girls in Rotherham, and to suggest that they did gets you thrown off his show:

I've listened to that twice, and I still can't figure out Adebayo's objection to what Ryan Girdusky said. Did Girdusky get his facts wrong? Or is it now deemed "offensive" to bring up undeniable, established facts which don't support a left-liberal world-view? Are callers only allowed to talk to Adebayo if they agree with him? Why is discussing the organised sexual abuse of white girls by Muslim men of Pakistani origin "beneath" Adebayo? And what, exactly, is "not true" about it? No wonder the caller sounds mystified by the host's bizarre reaction: I'm sure we all are. 

In case Adebayo isn't broadcasting from a country called Angleland on a planet called Urth, perhaps a producer could point him at any of the thousands of articles about the Rotherham paedophile sex ring scandal available online. Wikipedia sums it up neatly:
An independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in the town, led by Professor Alexis Jay, was established in 2013 for Rotherham Council. The inquiry's initial report, published on 26 August 2014, condemned the failure of the authorities in Rotherham to act effectively against the abuse and even, in some cases, to acknowledge that it was taking place.The report estimated that 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by gangs of British-Pakistani Muslim men. Abuses described included abduction, rape, torture and sex trafficking of children.
Members of the British-Pakistani Muslim community condemned both the sexual abuse and the fact that it had been covered up for fear of "giving oxygen" to racism.
And yet the BBC is still allowing its employees to cover up the facts because they presumably feel they "give oxygen" to racism. Facts are invariably right-wing (or, as Mrs. Thatcher put it, ‘The facts of life do invariably turn out to be Tory’ - at least they were when the leader of the Tory Party was a full-blooded right-winger). Annoying for the BBC, I know, but reality only looks left-wing when it's censored.

Adebayo has an MBE, apparently. One of his books, Cop Killer, became notorious when 200 bullets were sent to members of the press to publicise it - which, of course, isn't in the least offensive. Murdering policemen? Cool!

There's a good article about Adebayo's politically correct hissy fit on the Information Liberation website.

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