Thursday, 7 January 2016

We killed The Octopus, now we're being threatened with the "monstrous" London Curve at Chiswick Roundabout

 First, they wanted to deface Chiswick with this emetic horror:

But they thought better of that, and now they want to stick up this repulsive structure, which is three times as high:

Here's what they imagine it'll be like at ground level:

Auberon Waugh once suggested that, upon being introduced to a modern architect, rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt, one should simply slap his face. I'm pretty sure that if Chiswick residents were asked to meet the architects who came up with this rebarbative load of shite - and its ludicrous predecessor - they'd be only too eager to follow Waugh's advice.

When I read about this latest plan to degrade our local environment in today's Evening Standard ("Fury over ‘monstrous’ giant tower in Chiswick to replace the London Octopus") I found myself wondering, yet again, what we'd ever done to architects to make them hate us - because, apart from revenge,  what other motive could possibly explain their determination to foist such inhuman ugliness on us?

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