Friday, 8 January 2016

Katie Hopkins talks sense about the threat posed by Muslim immigrants - Iain Dale throws a petulant hissy fit during their LBC clash

The LBC talk show host, publisher, and former Conservative candidate Iain Dale tweeted this yesterday evening:
Well the Katie Hopkins fan club is out in force tonight. Bunch of islamophobic bigots. I'd be very worried if I attracted support like that.
Turned out they'd had a bit of a set-to during a phone interview on his radio show. Iain was jolly annoyed by comments the gobby epileptic right-wing shit-stirrer had made regarding the threat to western culture posed by what amounts to an invasion in recent years by millions of Muslim immigrants, a disproportionately large number of whom are young, unattached men.

I have no particular objection to Dale, and I know La Hopkins can be a trifle OTT at times, so I felt no inclination to favour one or the other before listening to a recording of their spat. By the end, I was pretty much entirely in Katie Hopkins's camp. After all, given the disgusting behaviour of feral mobs of young Muslims in Cologne on New Year's Eve, does a presentiment of large-scale civil unrest seem so unreasonable? Otherwise, why would the German authorities (and our own, dear BBC, of course) be so keen to cover up the incomers' criminal behaviour? Was anything Hopkins said that upsetting or controversial?

By the same token, Dale seemed to lose the plot (and his manners) from the get-go. Just because the majority of Muslims living in the West are honest, peace-loving family folk who don't wish to impose Sharia law on us or blow us to pieces or ban Christmas or rape any white female they can get their hands on, does that mean we can't criticise the small but growing minority who wish to do some or all of the above, or the seemingly rather large minority who evidently despise us and our way of life? Just as most of us are able to fart and chew gum at the same time, many of us are quite capable of telling the difference between Muslims who don't wish us harm and those who do. Dale brands his guest a coward while displaying cosmic levels of politically correct mimsiness by insisting we mustn't point out the threat posed by "bad" Muslims in case it offends "good" Muslims. As for bringing up that tired old chestnut about playing into the hands of raciststs - oh, chuck it, Dale! It's that sort of soppingly-wet liberal cowardice which has done (for instance) blacks in this country no favours at all - there's a price to be paid for being able to feel good about yourself by turning a blind eye to the faults of our various "communities", but it's never the self-satisfied virtue-signaller who has to do the actual coughing up.

It was clear (despite his subsequent displays of bravado on Twitter) that Dale had lost his little spatette with K. Hopkins when he - a childless, middle-aged homosexual - failed to cede the unarguable point that expecting an adult to show courage in the face of terrorist threats on their own behalf is entirely different from asking a mother (or father) to expose their children to potential danger. Is that really so hard to grasp?

The fact that Dale knew he'd screwed up the interview was demonstrated by the petulant way he ended it: nothing to do with being offended by his guest's refusal to embrace suicidal inclusiveness, all to do with having been bested. And by a woman! Well! A thoroughly unprofessional performance. (One assumes Dale's LBC bosses will take note of their employee's shortcomings.)

Speaking of events in Cologne, Allison Pearson tweeted this a short while ago:
#Cologne attackers found with notes in German/Arabic. "Nice breasts." "I want to have sex with you. I will kill you."  At least that's clear
You'd think so. But evidently not clear enough for the economist Frances Coppola, who shared the following insight:
I suspect anti-immigration ppl of organising the Cologne sex crimes. fastest way of getting borders closed. 
To adopt the argot of social media - FFS. Dale and Ms Coppola earned a thoroughly deserved kicking from James Delingpole in a typically feisty Breitbart article entitled: "Cologne Rapefest: The Top Five Best Liberal Excuses…" Coppola provides his first example:  It was a false flag operation designed to discredit innocent lovely immigrants, while Iain Dale occupies the second spot: You can’t talk about these things because it encourages the ‘Far Right’. I strongly recommend the article. (Your jaw will drop and a red mist will descend when you see what Laurie Penny tweeted: these people really are morally insane.)

Finally, to Rod Liddle ("the thinking man's Ricky Gervais", according to Delingpole). Now, Liddle is obviously unaware of my existence, but - despite that - I've been on the outs with him because he recently wrote the silliest, most ill-informed article about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I have ever read - and I've read some spectacularly dumb ones. But I've already wasted far too much of my reduced supply of energy seething about it for the past few weeks - so I have decided to forgive Liddle (he'll be so relieved). I'm also inclined to forgive him because he's in such splendid form in this week's Spectator. In an article about the unfortunate necessity of siding with Saudi Arabia, no matter how revolting a country it is (and, boy, is it ever), he has this to say about the relentless goofy wrongness of liberals when it comes to Islam:
I knew it was going to happen. Shortly after Christmas Day I caught the tail end of a discussion on BBC Radio 4 in which a bunch of the corporation’s most gilded correspondents predicted what was going to occur in the year ahead. In amongst the predictions of the Earth burning to a crisp as a consequence of global warming and the poor dying everywhere because the West is rich, white and evil, some woman posited that, on a brighter note, Iran and Saudi Arabia would come together and heal the great rift between the Sunni and Shia faiths and the Religion of Peace™ would be even more peaceable than it is at the moment, if that scenario is even faintly possible to imagine.
‘Aha,’ I thought immediately, ‘it’s war, then.’ I admit I didn’t expect it all to kick off almost immediately after the silly woman had finished her sentence, but the principle holds true — whatever a western liberal tells you about the world of Islam, you can be assured that it is utterly wrong on every count. The invasion of Iraq (all they want is a nice secular democracy), the Arab Spring (all they want is a nice secular democracy), the bombing of Gaddafi’s Libya (all they want, etc), the support for Syrian rebels (all they want, etc.), Palestinian elections — liberals demonstrably wrong, every time, on every issue, without fail. It is only a matter of time before some well-meaning white liberal halfwit tells us that the murders and beheadings and reprisals and the setting fire to stuff which will undoubtedly result from this current contretemps between Iran and Saudi Arabia is ‘nothing to do with Islam’. And that will be the final triumph of patent absurdity for the liberal elite’s favourite canard.
The rest of "Why we have to stand by foul, brutal Saudi Arabia" is well worth reading.


  1. I have simply never understood why Dale is anything other than a traffic warden or some other useless parasite in the employ of a local council.

    Why? Just why, does anyone listen to his self-promoting tripe? He can't write. He was a failure in politics. He is not a natural broadcaster.

    Surely we haven't reached the point where being an overweight homosexual is sufficient to earn one's living as a pundit?

    1. I am married with three children.

    2. "Surely we haven't reached the point where being an overweight homosexual is sufficient to earn one's living as a pundit?"

      No - but it certainly doesn't seem to be a drawback.

  2. In 2014 Dale cancelled a book publishing contract when Roger Lewis said that lesbians like Celebrity Eskimo Sandi Toksvig had big thrusting chins like Dan Dare. This was Lewis' reply on the Madame Arcati Blog which makes any other comment on Dale superfluous:
    “I wrote a perfectly fine piece on Dusty Springfield, inter alia making the joke that lezzos all have big chins the better to go bobbing for apples – and this cunt Iain Dale, a man of whom I had never previously heard, comes out of the woodwork accusing me of all sorts! And me the biographer of Charles Hawtrey and the world expert on camp comics! What I hate about the man is his egotistical desire to be morally superior – no sense of humour, hence of proportion, like those Welsh language fanatics I always poke fun at and who foam at the mouth when teased.”

    1. I'm delighted to report that Roger Lewis - possibly the funniest writer in Britain (i.e. anywhere) - is to be found in The Oldie these days, doing television reviews (at least, he was in the Christmas issue). It's noticeable that being forced to give up alcohol hasn't improved his mood.

  3. I hope you are monitoring Islamic developments in your own country of origin where [given the small size of the indigenous population] the demographic occupation is almost complete. In Norway, Phase II is well under way whereby Islamists demand that they control territory within the country and run it Shariah-style [cue: "Happy Days Are Here Again!"]. They have their eyes on a district of Oslo called Grønland [ shabby, no running water, dirt floors, familiar surroundings] and an extremist group called Ansar al-Sunna [extremist because they use the Al Quiada logo on their letter-head, since you asked] have sent the following demand to the authorities:

    " ‘We do not want to be a part of Norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody. But let Grønland become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts. We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.’
    And this is backed up by the usual threats of some unspeakable act of carnage and blood-letting in the near future.

    I think it is called "chutzpah".

    1. It would be fascinating to see what future historians will make of the bizarre psychosis the ruling elites of the most advanced countries in the world (apart from Australia) seem to be gripped by. It's as if they're determined to destroy everything that made
      their societies harmonious and successful in the first place. Eight or nine years ago, a Norwegian broadcasting acquaintance of mine (an Old School leftie) recounted how he'd been forced to remove his son from a state school in Oslo after the boy explained to him that the main point of life was to seek revenge all those who had done you wrong. Needless to say, the school was almost entirely made up of migrant children of the Islamic persuasion. Just...why??????? And Norway, of all places!

  4. Mustafa Partheid10 January 2016 at 05:23

    "Please, Allah , save us from your followers". -

    A European Prayer.

  5. Given the events in Cologne and Hamburg on New Year's Eve I am reminded that our Arab friends from N.Africa have previous form.
    Immediately after the fall of Monte Cassino in May 1944 large numbers of Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian and Senegalese troops attached to the French Expeditionary Force rampaged around the countryside and raped around 2000 women, children and men and left 800 of them dead. Both the American and French commanders - Clarke and Juin - were well aware of it, but nothing was done. The Pope begged them not to allow muslim troops take part in the assault on Rome. The North Africans were basically out of control in Italy 1944/45.
    Alberto Moravia wrote a book about one such incident in his book "Two Women" which was later tuned into film [1960] by Vittorio da Sica and Sophia Loren won both an Oscar and a Bafta. Perhaps the BBC or Channel4 should run it.
    Under one year later the same troops were part of the attack on Freudenstadt in the Schwarzwald and raped 500 women. Shortly afterwards they [generally called "Goumiers" or "Spahis"] rounded up 2000 women in Stuttgart and drove them into the subways and raped them several times. In one week in Stuttgart more women were raped by muslim troops than French women during 4-years of German occupation.
    The women of Scandinavia have been living with this aspect of multiculturalism for a while. Here we have had these ghastly Pakistan gangs trafficking girls in Rotherham, Rochdale and other salubrious towns in the North. I wonder if the Germans are finally going to be the one European nation that is going to get a grip of this situation? The Danes and the Finns are showing signs.

  6. Mustafa Partheid13 January 2016 at 11:18

    Thank you for this post. Here is a youtube video on the subject.

    I hope that the biography of Mussolini by Nicholas Farrell which I am currently reading makes mention of this atrocity.

    1. Thank you both. I knew nothing of the WWII incidents. I saw "Two Women" a lifetime ago - but have forgotten everything about it, apart from Sophia Loren (of course) - and will look out for it (there are dozens - maybe hundreds - of classic European films that deserve an airing somewhere on television - I'd happily redirect my Sky Movies subscription towards any channel showing them: there seemed to be room for them on TV when there were only three channels, but not now, when there are 600 of the damned things).

  7. Stores in Germany have run out of pepper spray.

    1. And they're apparently running out of guns.