Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cologne - and the Guardian reader who had enough of the wankerati blaming the victim

A few days ago, a fatuous nincompoop by the name of Gaby Hinsliff wrote an absolutely classic Guardian piece about Germany's New Year's Eve Multicultural Festival of Rape, in which she essentially blamed young German women for being better off than the immigrants who sexually molested them, and the German state for not doing enough to quell immigrants' "fears". The piece is called "Let’s not shy away from asking hard questions about the Cologne attacks" (presumably, the word "not" was inserted by mistake): but a warning - you'll find it hard to believe it isn't a parody of the sort of morally deranged, irrational, self-hating, cultural Marxist, left-liberal pish the Guardian seems to exist to publish. Here's an extract:
Young German women thankfully enjoy historically unprecedented economic and sexual freedom, with their expensive smartphones and their right to celebrate New Year’s Eve however they want. The same isn’t always true of young male migrants exchanging life under repressive regimes, where they may at least have enjoyed superiority over women, for scraping by at the bottom of Europe’s social and economic food chain. It is not madness to ask if this has anything to do with attacks that render confident, seemingly lucky young women humiliated and powerless. 
 See? If only these strumpets didn't provoke immigrants by flashing their expensive smartphones and going out in public to have a good time, everything would be dandy! Covering up their hair would probably be a good idea, too. Oh, and they might as well wear a black bin-bag to disguise those provocative female curves, because, you know, men! In fact, best just stay indoors and let the men-folk celebrate.

Whose fault (apart from those hoity-toity German sluts, of course) is this vast, horrid mess? Yes, you guessed correctly - the State's! In a way, she's right - but for all the wrong reasons:
Too often anti-immigrant feeling stems from what’s really a long-running failure of the state – to protect children at risk, to provide enough social housing or school places, to police what has reportedly been a rough area of Cologne for years – which becomes more visible as the population grows. And since that growth can’t be turned on and off like a tap, whatever some politicians say, the answer is for governments to do what we elect them to do: rise to the challenge, calm the fear that breeds extremism by demonstrating they can cope.
Or governments could do what we elect them to do, and not invite in massive hordes of unskilled, unassimilable, culturally insensitive, un-house-trained immigrants from primitive societies where women are routinely treated with contempt and brutality. And governments could demonstrate they can cope by instantly turfing out any immigrant who proves incapable of abiding by the rules of the country which has (albeit foolishly) invited him in.

You'd expect someone with my decidedly right-of-centre perspective to be appalled by Ms Hinsliff's confused, dishonest, immoral twaddle - but it was a relief to find that her bilge also proved too much for long-term Guardian reader BobFisher35 (and he was not alone):
Finally, after several days of refusing to report the biggest story of 2016 so far because it does not fit with its highly ideological driven narrative, this paper is allowing comments on a story which has shown its contempt for victims of sexual assault. It's predictable enough that the first writer to tackle this does not ask why the Mayor of Cologne and many on the left are blaming the victims themselves for their own rapes. The writer should at least acknowledge the only solution left available to citizens, when the police cannot protect them from clear danger and politicians blame victims for the crime simply because the perpetrator was a foreign male of arabic extraction, is to arm themselves. Please never print another article on women's rights ever again, you have no credibility on this issue and owe those on the opposite side of the political spectrum who have now been proved correct a massive apology. I write this as a guardian reader and buyer of 17 years and someone who has always voted for left of centre parties (both of which I won't be doing ever again).
 Another satisfied customer!


  1. The FT having a laugh:

    Guardian braced for job cuts after burning through £70m in cash

    The Guardian newspaper is braced for significant job losses after it burnt through more than £70m in cash last year, according to people familiar with its performance ...

    The Guardian has been lossmaking for more than a decade, but is nonetheless among the most financially secure publishers on Fleet Street. Its parent company, Guardian Media Group, has an investment fund of more than £800m, mainly compiled through the sale of its car classifieds business Auto Trader ...

    As they prepare to cut costs, the Guardian’s management do have one factor in their favour. Seamus Milne, until recently a fiery columnist and leader of its in-house trade union, has taken a one-year leave of absence to work as chief of communications for Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. Remember - profit is theft from both workers and consumers, so the Guardian is simply sticking to its principles until such time as Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM, the Guardian is funded by a universal poll tax (like the BBC), Seamus Milne returns as the editor - and promptly leads his staff out on strike. Bliss will it be in that dawn etc.

  2. Equalitarian Trustafarian16 January 2016 at 05:56

    The Scott Trust Ltd, thanks to the financial deal described by David Moss, can fund the Guardian Media Group ad nauseum .

    This arrangement is the corporate equivalent of the Left's bete noire, the trust fund child .

    Seamus Milne's unstinting support for 'Koba the Dread' underpins a long - held belief of mine that while Communism is societal murder Democratic Socialism is suicide.

    Anyway , as Milne is not to be Editor of the Guardian, his preferred requirement of letters page contributors viz., name, address and next of kin, will not be necessary.