Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cameron's critics are right - the Calais migrants look less like a bunch, and more like a rabble or a gang

I watched Sky News trying desperately this afternoon to whip up outrage at David Cameron's PMQs comment about Jeremy Corbyn meeting a "bunch of migrants" in Calais. Yvette Cooper appeared, her little munchkin face all scrunched up with angry compassion - apparently the default facial expression of Labour females. Cameron's language, she said, was "inappropriate" for a Prime Minister, especially on National Holocaust Day. Yvette apparently hasn't yet worked out that it might be "inappropriate" for a representatives of the political party whose current leadership is screamingly anti-Semitic (oops, sorry, ant-Zionist - I keep getting that wrong) to use the Holocaust as a basis for moral preening. Disgraceful.

Ed Balls's other half was followed by some male economist with a weird accent and a silly voice (not, I hasten to add, Balls himself) droning on about how we should take in all the unaccompanied migrant kiddiewinkles as it "wouldn't cost us much". He didn't explain what he meant by "much" in this context, and didn't even begin to enlighten us as to why they should be considered Britain's responsibility, or why the government should ignore the wishes of over 70% of Britons who don't want let in any more immigrants at all.

The broadcasters can show us as many carefully-selected pictures of the small minority of migrants trying to reach this country who are children or females, and who aren't economic migrants, and who didn't leave the safety of Turkey in order to get to somewhere non-Muslim but a lot richer and more generous - but, by now, most of us have figured out that what we're actually talking about is an invasion of unskilled young male Muslims, many of whom will be socially unassimilable, and some of whom will be downright dangerous.

The liberal-left media-academic-political elite has spent half a century using Sweden as a example of what an enlightened, socially just society should look like. Well, it's the turn of the rest of us to point at Sweden - the rape capital of Europe, where free speech has been banned - as a salutary lesson in what happens when self-regarding, compassionate, unscrupulously optimistic lefties ignore human nature and common sense to implement deranged policies whose main aim is to demonstrate their innate moral superiority to the poor bastards who end up actually paying the price. Or just look to Germany, where gangs of young immigrants have been "enriching" the culture and showing their gratitude to Frau Merkel and the German taxpayer by shitting in public swimming pools and molesting female bathers.

Such stories used to be dismissed as the paranoid, lurid rantings of crazed racists. Liberals no longer deny that these horrible things take place; they just scream "racist" or "bigot" at anyone who brings them up. But the attempt to shame people into silence isn't really working any more, because we understand only too well that this is a problem of culture, rather than race. If you're brought up to believe that women who wear western clothes and don't cover their heads are sluts who deserve to be raped, that all homosexuals deserve to be killed, that Jews are apes who should be driven into the sea, and personal freedom and democracy are wicked, you simply aren't culturally equipped to live in the West. So the liberal media and left-wing politicians and lordly old-style Tories can be as snooty and outraged as they like about Cameron's choice of terms - but I guarantee it won't cost him or his party a single vote or shame a single Briton into not voicing doubts about the wisdom of allowing in yet more economic migrants from the Middle East.


  1. "......we should take in all the unaccompanied migrant kiddiewinkles as it 'wouldn't cost us much'. He didn't explain what he meant by "much" in this context....."
    Last October on "Question Time" [10th October] Diane Abbott shrieked fervently that we should take "as many migrants as we could afford". Last night a gobby woman called Jess Phillips [Labour MP] on the same programme said "we should take as many as we can" [Dimbleby "What does that mean?" No answer.] starting with the immediate acceptance of 3,000 unaccompanied minors. Yasmin Ali Baba Brown [Ed Sullivan: "Not only was she brought up in Uganda, but she is a Shi'ite as well"] said we should accept 70-80,000 migrants ". It must be great to have the milk of human kindness coursing through your veins.
    The Swedes have currently refused 80,000 visa applications and are tackling the task of mass deportation. The Norwegians are trying to expel another 5,000 migrants who flooded across the border from Russia above the arctic circle [how did they manage to get up there? In January?] The Russkis have characteristically slammed the border shut so they cannot be sent back. Do those Lefty Knob-Heads think we should accept them as well? It is just another 85,000....yeah, why not.

    1. Jess Phillips also distinguished herself by assuring us that the mass sexual assault on German women in Cologne on New Year's Eve were similar to what British women suffer in Birmingham city centre every week, and that sexual harassment “wasn’t something that refugees have brought into our country”.

      Glad to see our MPs looking for our interests.

    2. I have been reading about right-wing groups like Pegida and Sons of Odin whose function is to protect the local female populations against the sexual urges of muslim migrants and to monitor their swimming pool activities. These groups have already appeared in the UK. For some reason, the various police forces involved are pussy-footing around and are nervous about aggressive intervention.

      Recently, the Norwegians expelled 51 muslim migrants back to Russia because of "anti-social behaviour". They entered a night-club in Murmansk and started groping Russian women whereupon they were taken outside, severely beaten up and half of them ended up in hospital where they received "sub-optimal" treatment.

      Looking at your photos of the mobs running like wet hens can you imagine what it will be like when they are brandishing their AK-47s and RPGs and sporting their suicide vests.

      Where is Sir Roderick Spode, Bt, and his Brigade of Black Shorts when you need them?

  2. General Koos de la Rey29 January 2016 at 23:37

    The makers of Barbie Dolls lost a superb marketing opportunity when, upon creating a Black Barbie and announcing that "girls and women don't come in one shape", the company omitted to employ Diane Abbott as the model for the Hideously Obese offering.

    Extra business could also be gained by the inclusion of three or four welfare piccaninnies.

    1. I'm sorry if I've ever given the impression that I'd be amused by - or even condone - a phrase as deeply unpleasant and deliberately insulting as "welfare piccanninies". I'm sure there are many blogs out there whose readers share the attitudes implicit in your comment. Perhaps you should consider posting on sites where your "humour" might find a more sympathetic audience.

  3. General Koos De La Rey2 February 2016 at 13:07

    The offending word is Mr Enoch Powell's. Please see above.

  4. General Koos De La Rey4 February 2016 at 04:53

    Calmly as Napoleon defying his Marshals , England's hostile political elite unmade England.