Thursday, 31 December 2015

The 2015 Grønmark Blog Top 20 "Absolute Blister" Awards for Services to Bum-Holery

1. Angela Merkel, whose open invitation to Muslim immigrants turned a temporary crisis into an epic disaster set to rumble on for decades - or until European civilisation has been sundered from its Judeo-Christian cultural roots and turned into one enormous theocratic Third World slum. Thanks, Ange.

2. Black Lives Matter, for spreading the lie that racist, trigger-happy cops represent the greatest threat to American blacks, when cops are responsible for 4% of gun-related black deaths, while 87% are caused by other blacks. Motes and beams, race-hustlers.

3. Barack Obama, for... well, everything, actually, but inviting "clock boy" Ahmed Mohamed to the White House was a symbol of just how derangedly anti-American Barry is.

4. Stop the War/Momentum (basically the same thing) for services to cultural Marxist hatred, irrationality and racism, and for its unswerving support for Islamofascist dictators and terrorists.

5. The Anglican Church, for its constant adherence to fatuous zero-sum economic theories (i.e. rich people are only rich because other people are poor) - and to the clergy at St. James, Piccadilly in particular for making a laughing-stock of themselves with Arabella Dorman's goofy "Refugee Boat" art installation, when one might have expected them to direct their compassion towards Christians being raped, tortured and slaughtered by Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East.

6. The morally deranged anti-Semitic BDS movement and its dickheaded Western supporters, who should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves - but who won;t be, precisely because they are morally deranged.

7. The "Safe Space" college campus movement, comprising left-wing, identity politics, grievance-mongering bedwetters here and in the US, who are too delicate and precious to be exposed to ideas which fail to support their own bizarre world view. Diddums.

8. Connie St. Louis, the science journalism lecturer at City University, London, for managing to get the distinguished scientist Sir Tim Hunt - a man whose work has saved lives and alleviated suffering - fired. Cow.

9. Camila Batmanghelidjh for squandering millions of pounds of taxpayers' money while dressed in ridiculous clothes.

10. Alan Yentob, who, despite having grotesquely misused his position as the BBC's "Creative Director" (whatever the sodding hell that might be when it's at home) to influence the corporation's coverage of the Kids Company scandal, still has an extremely well-paid  job presenting a BBC programme in which he swans around smarming up to his chums in the arts world.

11. Rachel Dolezal, for lying about her ethnic origins in order to gain rewards for belonging to a "victim" group.

12. Sepp Blatter (with Michel Platini bringing up the rear) for plundering and degrading the world's most popular sport, and (as David Beckham put it) lying to the future King of England.

13. Russell Brand, for being Russell Brand.

14. Michael Moore, for calling US military snipers "cowards". (And for being so astonishingly ugly.)

15. Benedict Cumberbatch, a rich, pampered luvvie, for haranguing Hamlet audiences about the plight of Syrian refugees. (I'd have demanded my money back.)

16. All the BBC News reporters covering the refugee crisis for their insistence on highlighting women and children, while glossing over the fact that the vast majority of those seeking to settle in Europe were young Muslim men who appeared to have left  women and children behind, and who were in fact economic migrants. (And for not explaining why Muslim migrants were fleeing Turkey - a Muslim country that isn't ravaged by war.)

17. The 26 members of the international writers' organisation, PEN. who signed a letter protesting a "freedom of expression" award to Charlie Hebdo following the murderous attack on its Paris offices. You vile, vile people.

18. Louis Van Gaal, whose much-vaunted "philosophy", it turns out, is to sell good players, spend a quarter of a billion pounds on second-rate or over-the-hill ones, to place trust in Wayne Rooney (never a great idea), and to produce the dullest football in the history of a club renowned for its exciting, swaggering, relentlessly attacking style. (And let's not forget Ed Woodward, Manchester United's executive vice-chairman.)

19. Labour's "moderate" shadow cabinet members: stop whining, resign, and either join or form another party. Sick of hearing what you "might" be about to do - JFDI.

20. Jeremy Corbyn, along with any other politician who has expressed the view that we should negotiate with Isil, when any fule no that the only thing to be done with Isil is to destroy it.


  1. Check. Check. Check.... 100% agreed!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for providing a great blog throughout 2015. It is a great read. Happy New Year from me too!

  3. Can I add to your list the BBC half-wit who invented the Today guest editor concept, a dreary procession of conveyor belt lefties from the lower 6th debating society.

  4. I guess you had to drop somebody from the shortlist (Jon Snow), but I'm disappointed that you couldn't have squeezed the loathsome Dianne Abbot in somewhere?
    However - another year of great posts from a great blog. Thanks for being there when I need you.

  5. Thank you for your very kind comments - I was genuinely touched by them. And I've very much enjoyed your comments throughout 2015 - please keep them coming.

    Jenny McCartney must have read your mind, ex-KCS, because this appeared in this morning's Telegraph:

    Fortunately, I'm never awake early enough to listen to Today. I'm hoping this fact - together with avoiding Newsnight at all costs - will prolong my life almost indefinitely.

    I decided to give the fluting blancmange a rest, mahlerman, under the "taken as read" principle - she would obviously top any blister list in any given year, even if she hadn't said or done anything whatsoever: she is to blisters what Roger Federer is to great tennis players - without equal, and quite possibly the greatest of all time.

    A very, very Happy New Year to all of you - we few, we happy few... etc.

  6. At least Barry will soon be gone.
    Angela will most likely still be with us,and as the likes of Thomas Sowell and Pat Buchanan have recently pointed out in hard-hitting articles,so will her poisonous legacy.
    Meanwhile fences are going up all over Europe,although too little too late,and often in the wrong place.Call me old fashioned,but in my own pad some of the garden walls have reached twenty-three feet and rising.

    Anderson Cooper could well be at #21 on your list.

    Thanks Mr.Gronmark for a very informative and entertaining 2015.

  7. The answer to no 15: half way through the existential soliloquy, get out of your seat and shout "Hey Benedict. I'm finding this a bit boring. Can you cut straight to the bit at the end where we hear your wise reflections on the issues of the day".

    Have a blogtastic 2016, Gronners.

    1. And a very early listing for 2016: Prime Minister Cameron for his asinine decision to award a New Year knighthood to Lynton Crosby, offering an open goal to critics within and without the conservative party. I suppose he may have taken the advice of the recipient...

  8. and a Happy New Year to the Blogmeister and all his correspondents. Thank you for the stimulation and entertainment over the past year. Tip-top.

  9. Many thanks, ex-KCS and southern man, and to you, Riley. And an extremely belated Happy New Year to you all (better make that Happy Easter).