Thursday, 17 December 2015

Not if I have any say in the matter, Fatso!

Or maybe he meant to write this:


  1. My face recognition biometrics are on the blink again. Is that Michael Moore or isn't it?

  2. It is, indeed.

    A revolting specimen, if I may say so. He is never to be forgiven for his cowardice and duplicity in ambushing Charlton Heston on film when the latter was old and sick and showing distinct signs of Alzheimer's. [Gorgeous George Clooney also made an ass of himself at the time by condoning the attack]. He - the Mark Mardell clone - suffers from the liberal assumption that he has a God-given right to speak for us all. Nearer to home, the ghastly and unelected Shami Chakrabarti once forgave Mark Oaten on Question Time on behalf of the nation because of his eccentric sexual practices. Unbearable people.

  3. He also accused by nudge, nod and wink - a good sign of the coward. There is a moment in Fartingheight 9/11 in which he wants us to infer something dodgy about George Bush's past. He is too scared of a law suit to do it directly, so he inserts "Cocaine" into the soundtrack. And it's the Clapton version rather than JJ Cale's original, proving the point that, as Logan Mountstuart would say, he is a CAUC.

  4. American Ochlocrat19 December 2015 at 03:27

    Were Mr Moore to turn up in similar mode outside a Mosque in, say , pleasantly tolerant Penang , he would be arrested by Special Branch and politely escorted to Bayan Lepas Airport and provided with two adjacent seats on a flight back to the future Brazil that his "nation" will inevitably become.

  5. David Moss: it's either Michael Moore or a 75 year-old bag-lady with severe psychiatric issues.

    SDG: Moore's nauseating behaviour towards Heston - who seems to have been an honourable man - was yet another example of the left-wing belief that holding the "correct" set of opinions gives you leave to behave like a total shit - they show compassion only to groups of supposed victims (by pulling stunts and posturing - i.e. stuff that costs them nothing), but treat individuals despicably.

    Ex-KCS: I've never seen Farenheit 9/11, but I almost wish I had so that I could have walked out angrily at the point where the wrong version of "Cocaine" came on the soundtrack. Moore is undoubtedly the King of the CAUCs - which, come to think of it, would make a good song title.

    American Ochlocrat: Good point. I'd personally like to see him go and make a documentary in Raqqa. Meanwhile, you might enjoy this:

  6. American Ochlocrat23 December 2015 at 08:06

    Islamophobia is a one - word oxymoron.

    I did enjoy the youtube link, thank you.