Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Left-wingers hearing about Oliver Letwin's 30-year old Broadwater Farm comments be like...


The rest of us be like...


  1. Oddly, I found myself thinking better of Letwin this morning. Previously, I had always considered him an appalling wet pseudo-Tory.

    1. I had a similar reaction while reading the second instalment of Charles Moore's Thatcher biography, where I discovered that the now soppingly wet Letwin was a key figure in the Tories' privatisation push in the mid-'80s. I wonder what went wrong.

  2. Wonderful owl portraits.

    I have always found Oliver Letwin deeply sinister. He is the archetypal eloquent incompetent and it is very dangerous having a person like him constantly pouring his plausible, ill-thought out nonsense into the ear of the impressionable Cameron [ who seems to spend most of his time at Cobra meetings. I wonder if anything remotely useful has ever come out of Cobra?]

    The whole incident with Letwin allowing strangers at night into his home to use the bath-room and the subsequent loss of his credit cards was never really explained. And the business about depositing files in various litter bins in St. James is also worrying. At certain angles his expression is very similar to the dreamy, half-bonkers smirk of Sir Oswald Mosley. With his luxuriant follicles he is the ideal successor to Heseltine as the Tories Chief Media Quiff and this would side-line him, but the latter is too busy doing his Dr. Lucy Worsley impressions on the box to quit the stage any time soon.

  3. Defining Deviancy Down9 January 2016 at 10:40

    Letwin was an admirer of the University of Chicago's Prof Milton Friedman's Austrian - derived Economics.

    However, Letwin parted company with Friedman in the matter of social policy.

    Apropos Friedman's Nobel Prize, the late, great Enoch Powell claimed , ostensibly in jest, that he, the Member for Wolverhampton SW, should have been awarded half of the Swedish Prize money.

    This claim was made on the basis that EP's prior advocacy of the Austrian School's money supply restriction theory entitled him to the cash.