Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lest we forget the heart-warming patriotism of the hard left (hat-tip: David Vance)

And this is the mimsiest, most cowardly, most unmeant "bow" I've ever witnessed - more of a twitch, really:

Here's another interesting snippet today's SunNation:
Speculation is mounting that disgraced former Respect Party leader Salma Yaqoob is being lined up by Jeremy Corbyn for a Labour seat. 
Yaqoob infamously refused to applaud an Afghanistan war hero who was awarded the George Cross for diving on to a grenade and saving the lives of four fellow soldiers. 
Yet she was allowed to work on Jezza’s leadership campaign this summer – and furious Labour sources reveal she is being tipped by the Left to run in veteran MP Roger Godsiff’s Birmingham Hall Green seat.
Finally, this:

I'm sure all those who have been killed or maimed fighting for this country would be grateful to learn that George "paused". Big of him, I thought.

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  1. I was at the Cenotaph yesterday and cringed at Corbyn's pathetic attempt at a bow. It was the sort of nod you might make to a vague acquaintance, or someone you didn't like.
    I hate to agree with George Galloway but there is an awful lot of sham emotion on display at these events.Once their duty has been done and the cameras are filming the veterans most of these politicians can't wait to get away. I recall nearly being flattened by a sprinting Alistair Darling, as he headed for his limousine few years ago. And two years ago Boris was cycling up The Mall like a drug fueled Tour de France competitor. Perhaps he had a renezvous with Petronella...
    The only parliamentarian I've witnessed who stood with the rest of us applauding the vet's as they passed was the old speaker of the house, nicknamed Gorbals Mick by Quentin Letts. Rather a snotty thing to say I thought. Sadly I can't recall the chap's name, but in my experience, and I've been attending for decades, he's a rare gem.