Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Jennifer Aniston's response to the Iwo Jima gay flag stunt suggests Hollywood isn't entirely composed of traitorous airheads

And here is the photo she was objecting to, with the image it was desecrating below it:

As Ms Aniston says, how dare they!


  1. This merely bears out what Paul Johnson said [Daily Telegraph, 18/9/2010] about Peter Tatchell: " His life's work is to reduce all human history to the question of gay sex."

    Given the power of the homosexual lobby in the US entertainments industry this is a courageous stand by Jennifer Aniston. Some actors and performers have been made to grovel for less.

    6,800 American Marines were killed on Iwo Jima in 1945 and their famous image of raising the flag on Mount Suribachi should obviously be left untarnished by some screeching minority group. At least the new image did not feature "The Village People" with the legend " Fags plant Flag." Or an excerpt from their rousing song:

    "Can't you see we need a hand
    In the navy
    Come on, protect the mother land
    In the navy
    Come on and join your fellow man
    In the navy
    Come on people, and make a stand
    In the navy, in the navy, in the navy (in the navy)"

    Haven't the homosexuals achieved their objectives in the Western Hemisphere [ i.e. acceptance]. Why can't they just give us all a break for a while and STFU! [Yes, you as well, Stephen Fry].

    1. Accepting homosexuality evidently isn't sufficient - we must celebrate it wildly and enthusiastically at every opportunity in order to prove how fabulously tolerant we all are now. Of course, the need for tolerance doesn't apply to homosexuals, who banned UKIP supporters from attending the recent Gay Pride march in London. Given the way cultural Marxists operate, within a few years all UKIP supporters will probably be required by law to attend the parade, either dressed as one of the Village People or wearing pink tutus, smothered in make-up and carrying poodles or chihuahas. I'm torn between the motorbike cop or the cowboy, as it were.