Friday, 5 June 2015

C4 news presenter Jon Snow reveals what a vicious, nasty, morally demented, poisonous old leftie he really is

Channel 4 News main presenter Jon Snow today tweeted this about the death of one of Saddam Hussein's staunchest henchmen:
Former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz has died in jail: Nice guy in a nasty situation - made no better by Bush/BLair's Shock and Awe
Nice guy? NICE GUY!

This isn't some idiotic student "protester" we're talking about here - it's the 67-year old journalist who has presented Channel 4 News since 1989.

Snow also tweeted:
I spent time with Tariq Aziz, interviewed him often..Christian that he was - they didn't kill him, they just let him rot to death in jail
They left him to rot in jail? Gosh, how mean of "them". After all, what had he really done? Apart from supporting, defending and carrying out the murderous orders of a fantastically brutal dictator whom even fellow-Arabs might consider to have been a trifle over-the-top. I mean, this bastard was convicted of crimes against humanity! 

Let's face it - you'd have to be quite seriously deranged to view the fate of a creature like Tariq Aziz in that light, no matter how nice the old chap was to you when you had your cosy chin-wags slagging off your hated mutual enemies, i.e. the United States and its tyrannical, war-mongering, genocidal leader, George W. Bush.

What consciousness-altering chemcials do they put in the water in the North London redoubts where these ghastly old lefties hang out? As the left-wing journalist Nick Cohen put it: "Everything that's wrong with the British Left handily summarised in one tweet."

If he's so keen on homicidal Arab fascists, why doesn't Jon Snow simply cut to the chase, piss off to Iraq, and join ISIS? Either that, or book himself into the Dunfrothin' Nursing Home for Bewildered Old Commies?  Where he could spend his twilight years writing letters of apology to the families of all the innocent victims of Saddam Hussein's almost inconceivably horrific regime.


  1. The Left seems to be enjoying another of its frequent states of cognitive dissonance over Saddam.

    It appears the 'at least he made the trains run on time' argument is acceptable when a dictator is slaughtering Arabs, but not when it's Europeans.

    As for Snow, considering his age, I wonder if he partook of interesting substances during the 1960s? Whatever the reason, he is clearly barking and one of (many) reasons why my TV might as well not be capable of receiving Channel Four.

    1. One of the oddest things about all this is that ITN produces Channel 4 News. You'd think that, for the sake of their own reputation, and despite the fact that C4 News has always essentially been a communist cell, that ITN's CEO, John Hardie, would use these outrageous tweets as an excuse to get rid of the old Palestinian-lovin' creep, whose recent onscreen performances suggest he is getting a bit "vague".