Thursday, 25 June 2015

A testicle-eating Amazonian fish has been found in New Jersey: life imitates a comedy Twitter feed

Regular readers may recall a recent post on this blog recommending a Twitter feed purporting to be from David Attenborough, in which the great man supposedly recounts various terrifying encounters with wildlife determined to inflict damage on his "purple-headed warrior" and "nut sack" (here). As I eagerly scan my Twitter feed for the latest missives from "David Attenborough", I couldn't help wondering when I came across the headline "Rare ‘testicle-eating’ fish with human-like teeth found in New Jersey" whether it wasn't a wind-up. Apparently not. The various nicknames that the pirahna-like pacu has earned over the years - including "nutcracker" and "ball-cutter" - seem to hint at its conker-crunching proclivities. Keeping your trunks on is supposed to help.

You can read more about it here.


  1. The author Roger Lewis is forever raving on about a testicle-eating Amazon, but I have now forgotten who he is talking about?

    1. Unfortunately, when I put "testicle" "Amazon" and "Roger Lewis" into Google, it gave me this very post. The only reference I could find to RL and the Amazon began like this:

      "To the Amazon River and a Saga Cruise with Craig Brown, Mavis Nicholson, Rosie Boycott and television's much-loved Maureen Lipman. Plus our spouses and partners. My bar bill was over 900. We'd get off the ship and spend all morning in a minibus to look at a rusty cannon and four goats. Museums were always closed and when we went piranha fishing we didn't catch any."

      So I'm guessing he might have been referring to one of his fellow-guests.