Thursday, 2 April 2015

Splendidly naff weddings, hair-styles, naked people and playgrounds - more of the glory that is Awkward Family Photos

OK, I know how it might look - but it's for a Valentine's card for Mom. Honest!

You'll have to visit the Awkward Family Photos site to find out just why
A proud Russian father
Really bad timing
There must be an explanation for this, but I've no idea what it might be
A look that's definitely due for a comeback
We admire your honesty, little girl
The stuff of nightmares
I know - and it gets even worse!
He's smiling, but that really has got to hurt
Just thank God your dad never looked like this
This probably makes sense in some parallel universe. But definitely not in this one.
I bet they laughed and laughed about it afterwards
If it worked for him, why not?
You'd have to be a martial arts expert to get away with this  
Wow - that must be one hell of a view!
They're such fun at that age
If you haven't yet discovered the wonders of Awkward Family Photos (motto: "Spreading the Awkwardness"), I can't recommend it highly enough. You can visit it here. Most of the photos have evidently been submitted by the people who appear in them - I, for one, am grateful to them for being such good sports!


  1. Splendid. I recall a Christmas card featuring a team family photograph including the Alsatian dog sitting centre stage. It was posted to all family and friends without the senders noticing the pointy, pink, canine erection, unless they had and there was a disturbing subliminal message.

    1. Thank goodness it wasn't the husband!!!