Friday, 3 April 2015

Christianity under attack from Cultural Marxist jihadis over a pizza shop in Indiana

The Christian owners of an Indiana pizza shop recetly created a furore when, during a radio interview, one of them said that, because of their religious beliefs, they would refuse to do the catering for gay weddings. Fair enough, you’d have thought. They weren’t saying they’d refuse to serve gay customers  – just that they would choose not to deploy their skills to facilitate a ceremony of which their church disapproved.

Not, you’d have thought, that big a problem in the Land of the Free. There are no doubt many other pizza-makers in Indiana who’d be only too glad of the business, and it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that some of the owners of those businesses are themselves gay.  But, naturally, liberal fascists didn’t quite see it that way: like the worst sort of religious maniac, they seem to spend every waking hour looking for excuses to be outraged by anybody who doesn’t fully and enthusiastically endorse their view of right and wrong.

Kevin O'Connor, a member of the family which owns Memories Pizza, made his comments in a radio interview in support of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act being introduced by Governor Mike Pence, the purpose of which (as its title suggests) is to offer protection to religious people wishing to conduct their businesses in accordance with their beliefs. (Lack of such protection in our own Cultural Marxist state has led to Christians here being driven out of business for acting in accordance with their principles.) After a particularly unpleasant campaign waged by intolerant lefties, the O'Connors have closed Memories Pizza.

I don’t want to go into the various arguments for and against here. It’s a tricky area. What does seem odd is that the sort of people who have succeeded in destroying a small, harmless business would no doubt describe themselves as multiculturalists, and yet invariably single out adherents of what is still the prevailing religion of their country for punishment – apparently anyone but a Christian is allowed to follow the dictates of their conscience (ironic, given that Christianity introduced the very concept of following the dictates of your conscience to the world.) What makes this particular instance of anti-religious mock-outrage doubly ironic is that it would never occur to the hypocritical, cowardly, self-righteous persecutors of the O’Connors to kick up a fuss about Muslim-run businesses refusing to do anything which might tacitly imply approval of homosexuality, let alone gay marriage. And, of course, the shrieking hordes of inflamed liberals wouldn’t raise a peep about the widespread persecution – up to and including execution – of homosexuals in Middle-Eastern Muslim countries.

There are probably many explanations for this grotesque hypocrisy on the part of The Enlightened. Cowardice must play a part: after all, attacking Islam tends to involve consequences, whereas there’s no price to pay for bullying Christians. Then there are the bizarre tenets of multiculturalism, which seem to mean freedom for any culture but the one that the majority of people in your country belong to.  Then there’s the obvious fact that Christians don’t even get on the first rung of the liberal-left’s cherished hierarchy of victimhood – even being slaughtered by Muslims doesn't qualify them. Can you imagine the howls of left-wing anguish if 147 Muslim students had been butchered by Christian gunmen in Kenya yesterday? As it is, the deliberate murder of scores of young Christians seems to have barely caused a ripple of concern in the great left-liberal hive mind.

There’s the colour thing, of course – white is never right, unless the whites in question feel permanently guilty about the unspeakable evils perpetrated by their fellow non-melanoids.

Many of the above points were echoed in a video on the website which decided to test the theory that many Muslim businesses would be no more willing to condone gay relationships that the O’Connors. I wonder if whiney-voiced, bed-wetting liberal American bullies will be going after them?

I read a touching letter of support to the O'Connors from a gay man (I forgot to bookmark it - sorry), which was in marked contrast to the death-threats the family has received. This reminded me that this isn't really a fight between homosexuals and Christians (after all, many people are both) - it's a battle between two competing religions, i.e. Christianity and Cultural Marxism. I fervently pray that the latter has reached its high watermark and will soon start to decline, because there's nothing quite as obnoxious as public displays of moral preening - something Christians don't really go in for these days, but to which Cultural Marxists are seemingly addicted.  

Americans have apparently donated over $500,000 dollars to the O'Connors' business. Let's hope Memories reopens when the petty-minded, politically correct bullies have found some other cause on which to vent their seemingly limitless reserves of tolerance and compassion. 

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