Monday, 2 March 2015

Bullies, thieves and other assorted creeps get their comeuppance. (Warning: not for those of a sensitive disposition.)

I was in a line of cars this afternoon stuck at a zebra crossing while little children from the local infants school which my son attended were ushered across the road by two teachers. The kids looked to be about five or six years old. As the last of them reached safety, an unmarked white van drove past us, blaring its horn. One of the teachers had to hop onto the pavement as the van accelerated over the crossing and raced off down the road. As the waiting cars slowly took off, I'm sure every driver there was hoping that the disgusting subhuman driving the van met a painful, terrifying end - preferably conscious while engulfed in flames. Later, I was looking at something or other on YouTube (I forget what) when the doorbell rang. When I got back about an hour later, the following video was playing. I so thoroughly enjoyed it, and laughed so much, I'm now feeling rather guilty.


  1. Russian dash cam videos provide an endless source of amusement and there is no need to feel guilty about enjoying them as for the most part no non-Russians are involved. For the rest, I would guess that the mixture of booze (particularly the Eastern European ones), drugs (the urban US ones) and testosterone (all except the woman in the supermarket) accounts for about 90% of the clips. Here, the "only such force as is reasonable in the circumstances" test would mean that the boys in blue would end up terribly confused about whom to prosecute.

    Great fun.

    1. I have asked for a taser for my birthday.

      The dramatic pole-axing of the shrieking harpy is one of the high-points, along with the justifiably enraged frog, the pillion passenger being defenestrated, and the "fucking little faggot" almost kicking his tormentor's head off.

      I've stopped feeling guilty. This video should be shown in schools, as it contains many valuable life-lessons - mainly the benefits of being trained in unarmed combat.