Saturday, 14 March 2015

Feisty Arab female TV interviewers give self-important old beardies the treatment they so richly deserve

There's one tedious old crasher who really loves the sound of his own voice. And here's an appalling old hypocrite getting more than he bargained for from another "sister" who's bloody well had enough:

And this beautiful Pakistani actress is simply magnificent!

There's a montonous, hectoring, blaring tone of voice which seems to be standard issue amongst Muslim clerics which, I must say, makes them rather hard to warm to. 

On a different note, here are some Iraqi gentlemen proving that - despite what we see on our TV screens every night - there is decency, compassion and common sense in the Arab world:

One can only hope that the chaps in that last clip are more representative of the average Muslim male than the trio of rebarbative blisters in the three preceding videos. 


  1. Nicely balanced piece.Lets be fair to the cleric in the top clip;he's sitting smugly in the pc capital of the world,and just is'nt used to media folk treating him like that.In Londonistan many presenters would simply allow him to rant on and on for fear of being seen as racist.
    Good for her.

    1. Couldn't agree more - he has that infintely smug, ponderous air of someone whose word is simply never questioned by those around him. Why, in modern London, wouldn't he be surrounded by people telling him to give it a rest and put a sock in it? A humourless, deluded bore protected by mulitculturalism, one assumes.